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Shy Guy Shawn's Youtube Video Of The Week

Im a Youtube junkie! I spend way too much time scouring the site for amazing videos. This is my outlet to share with you some of my discoveries. Enjoy!

Worst Rappers Ever


Rap & Hip-Hop Music is so much more commonplace in this generation than it was 10 even 20 years ago.
Nothing wrong with that at all, i LOVE rap music.
But nowadays its popping up everywhere from childrens cartoons to car dealership commercials to instructional training videos.
Everybody wants to capitalize on this 'Rap thing' with whatever it is theyre doing or selling that in some examples (like the ones im going to share with you here) turns into one giant-train wreck.

There's 2 kinds of 'bad rappers' out there...there's the ones who KNOW they suck but yet they still rap anyways (the novelty being 'hey look me at me rapping, im horrible but its funny!')
Some examples of that would be Mini-Mall Montgomery and his corny "Its just like a Mini-Mall' commercial he did a few years back that got big. If you dont remember this, here is the link:
Then there's the ones who THINK theyre good when theyre really not. Think: Kevin Federline, those types etc.

Well these next 2 rappers/rap videos im about to show you is gonna make Kevin Federline look like he's Jay-Z.
Yes...theyre THAT bad!

Let's start with video #1 which is by a kid who goes by the name of Boostalk.
Boostalk is this white kid coming straight outta the crime-ridden streets of Haliburton, Canada.
The video was shot on a $50 budget (wow no kidding??) and when i first saw it i honestly thought it was like a Saturday Night Live skit or MadTV Sketch or something that somebody posted.
When i didnt hear the audience laughs i realized that this kid is actually for real, and he's being serious about this.
Thats probably what makes the video so great.

WARNING: There is some questionable language in certain parts of this video (that is, if you can even understand what the hell this kid is saying) So please be advised. If you are under 18 i STRONGLY RECCOMEND you do not watch this video and instead...maybe check out this video:


I dont know about you but when i first watched this, i felt bad for the kid.
I thought it was either a handicapped kid or someone with a really bad speech impetiment trying to do the things he is unable to do to the best of his ability.
Then when i saw another video of him floating online, i found out that there is nothing wrong with him at all!!
He just sounds in coherent when he raps! When he talks...fine. When he raps? Oh my lord!!

Whats even crazier is this kid HAS A RECORD DEAL! According to his website (YES he has a website too!!) he is signed to some label called Urban Smoke Records and supposedly his debut album "CA$H FLO" is going to hitting the streets soon! 
What is this world coming to? He singlehandedly has to be the WORST rapper to ever exist.

Well until this next guy...who can definately give Boostalk a run for his money here.

Enter: Bangs.
Bangs is the newest Hip-Hop superstar from Sudan.
Trying to get on the map Bangs spits hot fire on his debut effort by talking about those important trying issues like...taking a girl to the movies.
At first listen you think the joke is on Bangs due to his thick accent and lack of rhythm (think William Hung if he was a rapper)
But then as you get into the song, you start paying attention to the lyrics which sound so boring you would think a 4th grader could probably do a better job writing a rap song.
Check it out for yourself...



First thing i really wanna point WHY there an Eiffel Tower thrown in the New York City skyline in the backdrop??
Its so ridiculous it doesnt even make sense...which is why i love this video so much!
Some of the other backdrops i love (which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the premise of the video...taking someone to the movies) is the Roulette Wheel, The Lamborghini, the various shots of American Currency and Sudanese Currency, and so on.
It isnt until the 3:30 mark that they finally show and actual Movie Theatre backdrop!

I would love to see a nationwide tour someday of Boostalk, Bangs & maybe even Kevin Federline and call it the "Ground Zero of SUCK" tour.
I mean it definately would be amusing right?

01/14/2010 8:17AM
Worst Rappers Ever
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01/14/2010 4:41PM
Project Runway Parody Madtv | Pop Assault
[...] Kiss 98.5 » Worst Rappers Ever [...]
07/22/2010 2:43PM
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02/08/2015 7:45AM
Ha ha
These guys suck just as much as your horrible morning show.
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