M-F 2-6pm

Wutup!  Greg here.  First off, just wanna say that I couldn’t be happier to work (if you wanna call it that) at Kiss 98.5 playing the music that I love and living here in Buffalo.

A little about me:  Well, I have PhDs in both sarcasm and randomness with a minor in Dad Jokes, I’m ADDICTED to my phone and live on social media, I love going out, tailgating and basically any kind of party that involves food and drinks :P

I’m from the West Coast originally. Born in Sacramento but have also lived in LA, near San Diego, the Bay Area, Portland, OR, and Boise, ID.  But I have family in NYC and not too far away from Buffalo in Burlington, Ontario. 

My mission here: to play you nothing but the best music, get you into all the best shows, events, clubs, and all that, and maybe make you crack a smile or two while you’re driving home. OH!, and to find the best wings in Buffalo. If you got any suggestions, I’m all ears :)

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