Buffalo Bills Sideline Reporter Sal Capaccio's take on the Streaker

Tuesday, November 14th


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I Wii doesn't end at three search but we need a little bit more of a fact finding mission in Nantes where we go to another expert who was at the bills' game. We're talking about this. Streaking situation that happened on tranda situations show. We've got sidelines telkom pat jump on the phone with us this morning good morning so thank you for being willing to come on the air and talk with us after a seven to twist your arm we appreciate it. Yeah I'm Sergio traumatic experience obviously witnessing that as. Well Sally I don't mind that one there now first of all in your experience do you think there's any possibility whatsoever. This could be a Buffalo Bills plant like they have this guy ready and waiting and Casey got really bad. Oh no no no because if that would occasion. He would have liked go bills are one buffalo written across her butt cheeks or something like. I'm running out of Perry's ice cream log a lot of somewhere Sarah and whatever and some sort. Advertiser saying hey you made it situation all right popped out. More importantly Howard UCL after having the witness stand up close and personal. Well I mean it could've been worse I mean honestly I think the guy to be in the body I mean what we got a great at each. He eat I mean he wouldn't say. And you know I usually don't see streeters and that occurred when I've really witnessed live they don't show them on TV anymore we usually. Do you lean years ago when he used to show them there has been or looking streaker is that you like. Oh my god that's unbelievable now exact that there monastery at a much like a set up from my understanding yes or no he didn't look into roller derby right. He you know he's he's probably he's very much in shape but what really got me was. When he got to the end up like I was literally right there in that spot zawahri got you you. He was running to use alcohol. He turned around us and make you eat it like one of those moods where usually. Comically in the hole trying to elude defenders. Sent a couple of different a couple of red security you'll try to take him down finally they did an and I don't think again and again. I went at someone had to cover this guy up it literally took about twenty seconds or some of the finally take your jacket off recover from. It's tough. They wanna give up their jacket on the phone with south patch are talking about the tryst in streaker. On Sunday at the bills game senior Wiener I feel like say Al if we're gonna have a streaker. Who run the entire length of the football field we embrace this guy is he made buffalo looked good. Well you said there's a stereotype maybe about field buffalo its people and things like that fit. Hey you know he's he's a guy that maybe people buffalo. They don't fit that stereotype when I just all. Beer guzzling chicken wing eating fat people here you know that perhaps to keep our guard Kirk for our war you don't seek it may be. He can he couldn't but he did have that beard that goes along that many gestures are to say. He he had a hipster miert. Is he part of the Renaissance of buffalo river and that the. The news I'm not sure about that I get the question I would our sister station. Over Iraq just without the be it the morning after he remains the question that they were debating. Would have been Connie where. If that was your jacket would you ever put it on again. I would not always come our way that the guy thing I want my. I don't feel it's still there any any guy who went all we need to have happen pigs cattle. I. I don't know why anybody else on now he killing Zell is this the first streaker of the new airfields. Era. Since they've renamed that facility. It's the first one I've seen I have seen people on the field that have. Just kind of thought over the wall sure the first completely naked person actually. Did head coach John McDermott I mean I know we talked about looking forward to the next week and how they've played mentally tough teams in the growing pains as we travel with the team will head coach Sean McDermott comment on the street your senior Wiener. No I he would not ask about. That you know if they would of won 47 to ten. Then maybe. 47 the kind of idol I've certainly got the first look at look at apple about this. I can. That's why I need 8 I am because they wouldn't let me casino I'd ask the tough questions thrown back out right. What did you think of the streaker I think he would have wanted to answer that question. So you definitely don't think it was a plant by the pollutants. No I don't think it was a plant by by anybody and fact I don't know the guys drag I read that there was tool that means someone got stopped. Before yeah there was that maybe that person wasn't completely naked but they're actually two people account. Are doing it yet it was a a dude from clearance they got in trouble for trying to get on the streets say he was an IRA is senior winners CL a technicality should nick from the boost have played. The shout song when he made it into the end zone whom. Didn't tell her how. To digitize our dance it. I would not afraid I'm glad that I I'm glad I don't want that they know what a way to lose their job that might that might be a lose your job had a look back at which is provocative music any inspired him. But he may or may well they're a regular thing I actually I've seen. You know like you go on video a couple of copies of what this people ought to feel littered streaker we're not in this situation the football game or football players actually act. The guys yes drill into the ground down supplies are no plans got a call that. Yeah I was watching the player really what I'm like what the players doing. And they are basically just sit there and I don't know why the finger on why doesn't it in that particular the what I have seen it this situation where a player takes matters into his own hand if you. I want is for security but what I would do if I was the Buffalo Bills I think every player should pitch in a hundred bucks does that I took our minds off that loss now. And I think they can really you know do them a solid because he's got another date in court today. He did not look very happy in the court pictures that I saw I think the boos kind of wore off. Will you be attending the benefit for Tristan the pants off dance off party on Saturday November 25 I was importing duties I think at the Gypsy parlor to the bills at least I was. Hello they donated your I movie. I will be in Kansas City yeah. So be it in that case don't shortly and I can't make that benefit me and I'm I'm a lot of luck oh shock and I are good dancer you know as a dancer. I know if you hear any more inside scoop on this or if head coach Sean McDermott does comment. On the street here we want an odious a sale can. Are you got a bit up first to note that happened I promise thank you thank just ask one other question. Yeah what the heck happened on Sunday are you kidding me with that. Yeah we don't know I mean that was just a bad day the opposite side tires and and let you know just happens sometimes they. Got dominated on both sides of the ball both sides both white scrimmage is the levels beyond the common is that Philip Rivers. In concussion protocol for the chargers and away we don't. Yeah yeah he he showed up at the facility yesterday and rank and self reported symptoms and now in concussion protocol. And com he has a 185 straight games restart it but that could be in jeopardy against the bills which would be. Obviously you don't root for entries fidelity of living benefit that they don't they. So reverse its while geared to that he that that didn't happen during a game that sort of you know comes after that that helps us to lay on that. There are certain there's a theory that happened the last play of the game because no one they said he didn't see eight signed after the game that he showed up the next day including the ceiling. Yes so does what they they said he didn't take it at the and the last clearly he. And I you know what I do and I know I know this already but I just remember that's at 4 o'clock game Presley little bit more time to get stuff done on Sunday. Yes that's right so I mean just like guidance lottery believes there is no sugary had to do is I cannot help because she had to. Tyrod OK I decide how much I know that the error would it fund raiser last place and it was it was a good time. Erica. I couldn't believe what singing country and Ollie has learned it was great it was great but I saw I talked are there he was he was in good spirits he talked. Well that night. Aren't sidelined self thank you so much are we behind on your voice forming. I well he's always hearing out of Jack cycle you're are you ready go to school. Listen sounds good did you could've next time cell that was cold instrument or at least a Mike sock secret. That. Obama to win green lit in the wind I don't talk about some of the little funny thing on the enemy sidelined my right edited yet you say Andre say you know I gave Cuba.