Charlie Walk A Judge On The Four

Tuesday, January 9th


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Good morning Charlie Gloria I'd era. Congratulations on the four this is a great show. Thank you so much it's been such a great experience. You know a few months ago did he had called me in my shall. And you wanna go on a minute shall act and I wasn't sure because those. The previous one at apple wasn't about me wanting to be a star. Arguable why oh why oh why do we do this and said you know a lot of culture I really wanna be an assured that we can actually makes someone matter. That someone and that's and and and fight for great and I said well. You know that's what you're thinking that's what I do for a living if I can bring my date at this stage. And adjusted net you know he's in Telecom board that I had called negative because I really wanted. Battle between now perspective but a credible writer and artist. Out some of my current status. It's actually won best new artist at the grammys two years ago lunch in my for a long time. So this this this panel came together very very naturally. We're all friends we all disagree that we all the common goal. At the end of the day at whoever wins this competition. Get to work with us. And guess you put out the universe you know what hopefully great record that you guys can play. You know where I'm not a wannabe you know on the block business and as somewhat sloppy should stop into the I want great. And I'm fine I'll think that every week and shall. Charlie you've been a guy who fights for the song writer more than the performer I've noticed over the years you like someone who. Who brings it all to the stage or to the record to the radio. Why do you think your so much behind the writer of the music. If you listened to a song. And the sad departure some of your listeners understand. There's a difference of someone thinking someone else's. We're seeing their own lyrics to be an example. If also I find that girl last year named Gillian Michaels and the reason why I don't I've watched sure. You know over the last many years writes songs are Justin Bieber sorry. And Gomez and for myself I mean she had her and billions strains of songs you wrote a Croat. And apartment slowed after hearing record that most of those original smashes. That they're in such anger on song that you look for that people. Should have a very good chance of becoming the next star and you know little on the multi year later issued came out what number one church first and goal. Actually became the trip natural transition of pay a writer and to a recording artist. And attractive challenger a few months ago for song of the year I nominee investing not best new artist nominee which is again happening in a few weeks. I in New York for the grammys that you know music's most important night so. You know I might get a call it got afford got to my cat goes with. The artists that actually can write about music and teller on stories. As a candidate songs and story telling right is the biggest songs that lap longer so the ones that are written by the artist that has on them. Edge yard walk why does it sound words you right on song files on stories I don't think it's that deep I think the public the audience. Again a capitalist you're shattered they know exactly what I'm saying that I had a very low threshold. Or let in the something good or great they want great thing what song they contributed they want stories that relate to that. In what's been a habit universally relatable emotion I think part of my journey as a record intact and a good talent finder and the talent promoter and marketer is to you know carry that out and be part of the team behind me about it. That make the difference and I think that that's sort of what it into the show. Of the four and taking that sort of thought process and playing it out on TV and I'm not as some of the new character that you you are you playing in the shell and I go well and me. Payroll are you develop like I'll go on and on and on and off I'm calling on the show. To speak the truth. And a very very chances are it. A world we live and what social media at all platforms want to know everything is now more. Like a lot of Allison went backstage you see everything from every artist. You know you know your greatest figures show one thing I'm intrigued and we let the world see all of us so. So why not show that on television. And you know I don't I'm not trying to agree or disagree with anyone in the audience cannot try and you. You know rush let you know what I'm saying what I'm feeling because I have to protect. But for meaning that whoever does win and it's someone that you guys will want to support yeah hey you know a radio artist. Charlie walker is on the phone with us of course is one of the judges I'm the four tell me you have held Khaled son because he is the I'm obsessed with him. But if follow the mountains to Graham and aside is like the cutest little thing ever. RIV I had to meet agree with a signed Friday on sat in the trailer. 1 PM. I am freaking out and talents. Ocala you can beat your wife I'm op idea one outline an autograph session that I'm that guy that I got. I have a I think why can't wait there's going to be a step and repeat what he can have security conference just totally do that what toys are eager to bring for him to play with. Well I I think I'm gonna get on another or Gucci loafers restraint I'm not sure yeah and opening sabathia lump just burst yeah. So it's. I've got to figure out about you know this Japanese delegate at what happened. Response sometime together wouldn't that protection I get a boarding got. On us what you just get him a little puppy to play with I've never seen him. In a good Oguchi putt with a puppy yeah exactly. I don't forget about poppy I don't think he's traveled beat in the shell. And speaking on the Asia how do I think that's gonna cause Havoc on the and I know you ought to want that. Now we don't listen. Out what advice would you give them for two when he eighteen somebody who's listening to a radio right now dreaming that dream of being the best new artist at the Grammy Awards. A couple pieces of advice from you Charlie walk. OK so there's in the bud Moore is more what your music out there now. Every week a 150000. Songs get really fired up by unsigned acts. Put your music out and most importantly it's not about the cover it's about if you can collaborate or write yourself. Original songs editing app that heirs to social media to put in about August ought to fire rap music and art Amazon music. Yet in the dugout we get we'll be back from people that you write a great song and it's spread. And I happen by ruling you can get it so much quicker than waiting for someone like me and by the way I will find you along your journey because I'm looking at the other as well. Right it's mr. got and that I'm looking to see what people like or not. Sure you get your music out the better you don't need to be side that it lag did you music got it you're great wolf argue. It's the Ford battle restart and you see it on Thursday night Charlie have a great show on Thursday. Thanks guys about it and.