Kiss The Summer Hello Artist Daniel Skye

Wednesday, April 19th


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He's not eight point five it's Janet Snyder Nicholas pickles and we welcome to the show Daniel sky good morning. What database so much grabbed me Powell once the tour with BB racks we love her. On those super awesome twenty cities are on the US. It was actually did a really good experience to me performing lighting up a lot better performing because I don't poring through my pantry. And also in older demographic I don't usually good form for a non. I'm used to performing for people more my age. I'm so really neat opportunity to oh win people over an added challenge those that don't really look at. I saw on Twitter you talked about that you got the flu who gave you the flu Daniel. I don't know I don't know I just I don't know maybe hear my voice I don't cry and I can still I'm getting over it I'm almost a Brit kind of suck the last couple days. Yeah but he did get some sleep that's good. Yeah I've played like twenty hours. Nice one then I guess that the holiday it. That's amazing Daniel sky will join us at kiss the summer hello canal side. Have you performed before at an outdoor concert. Yes I have yeah Leno he's it's different different and anti it's like oh that's a lot more open and but the Rodriguez. I read an interview where you talked about the three different meanings of the word on that. So before we play your song on can you give me your three different meanings of con. For sure I saw that person being a lot on his being under team being in this daunting focus forward every year doing for each music. That's why I love the deal for you can be coming out for everyone it's something different second meeting is being like on an opt in a relationship. On beyond the girl or vice Versa and then the third Warren is not being aren't just turn out with your friends hardy has had a good time you know. Kiss daddy good time it's Jenna and next we're hanging out with just this summer hello artist Daniel sky guess what we have in common. I do know we have in common god this like I'm crazy about your producer. Is they believe is that it is today. Is your producer anyways to. No and how will I boulevard. Many more these. It. You have security I know how old's your Bulldog. I think. Degrees below is the best thing. Let's play earlier and I saw that. Pay for his real name's Louise and they hit they both have the same my favorite foods chili now. Increasingly. So reason you're pulled up we are just the same did you happen to see my Bulldog Roxy with the Easter Bunny. Now I didn't have Alicia Alicia did love look out. I'll treated or you could yeah I love bulldogs stupid that's really cool but they're they're just the best animal ever. I'm let's talk about you playing guitar you taught yourself that's awesome. Yeah yeah arm I mean I I didn't teach myself. I am I got guitar lessons when I was when I was thirteen so right when I am right when I started doing I was so I started seeing right away overnight it's your account that's why I decided. Am I need to learn an instrument. I'm to go to go along with it and are early targets I was the best option just com source while I disliked it and like itself it's funny you bring everywhere you know it's just. You pull out somewhere play guitar. They're playing EE embryo ever. So what is your guitar of choice right now Daniel. Taylor. Nice nice guy who's already got. The kind of look the story of how you started singing there's not a lot of people that can say. They're break out performance was at their bar mitzvah. Arm yeah pretty much happens. Turned thirteen I had my Barmes. And I go to the temple I read the Chara. And I'll my friend to come around chasing ya your voice sounds pretty good like my dad's friend are coming at ten thanks Dana my voice kind of pretty good so I went home at bat. And I just I really thought about it. An outlet that maybe just try to tout itself. I start looking into it are messing around a little bit. And one that decided to open up its current account. You know come home every day after school policy says he hadn't covered our top song expand. Umbrellas are learning guitar and seeing how does uploaded Turkey can covered the people started commenting on and scaring. Ended descriptive manner. 2.5. Million instead grandpa yeah it's saying. Was there one particular comment where you're like wait a minute this is real this is really happening was there one turning moment. There there wasn't turning moment for me it arm in my head arms so like I think a couple months after I started on this. I decided to do meet up him having to Ramallah but I'll tell mark from Harvard Florida. And I told I think I remind Syrian click to did afford me right here. In Vietnam. In the right here in Ramallah at 1 o'clock. Arm a free performance wherever. So I didn't know what to expect this does that merit sinker people really mattered chain. Four more than might add a couple people my life. And Don I just showed up you know it's it's stats. I didn't know to expect as blocked and and who had led you to the back and that's I remember walking out. To the back in my case. I'm really became I don't like this could do something. That's amazing Daniel sky on the phone with the sun kissed ninety point five you'll seems Sunday June 18 at canal side so you have a favorite kind of fanned what is it. Or who is it. From. My favorite kind of fan I would I would say around people that are that are despaired. That in the air like the whole time I mean you don't have a beautiful time people that is rocking with the music in and battle with fit and I'll get a lie to. Into in the shows when you're opening for BB racks and when you come to kiss this summer hello. Will you saying anyone else's song just for fun. Yeah I'm unsure I become rare to. Had a little piece and I find my child. Nice. They are very little music that's cool off if you to buffalo lever of the fourth. Arm are going to have not yet only a mother were right near nagger falls it's a beautiful area and your fans are some are so excited to meet you and see you perform. Congratulations. On all of the success and and were ready for that next son whenever you're ready just drop but we'll play it it. Very nervous acting like it Daniels signed on to study coincides.