Kiss The Summer Hello Artists Clean Bandit

Friday, June 16th


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Sunday June 18 cleaned and it takes the stage kiss this summer hello catching up with grace 13 of cleaned and it. Do you not sticky. Hands. The booking data feet at five foot eight it's very I yeah. Threatening our. We just arrived from London I didn't and Gatwick is exactly. You know that it hit it here today. What are we gonna see on Sunday executes this summer hello. And well we can't pay a lot of love. Poem you and they gonna pay and I need bingo thing for me and get a car and I'd buy it says. You got to the thing it without the look at breeding had it until I can't play every time he hit them. And yet just the eleventh I'm thinking it lucky. You updates on how many YouTube views you have because I just happen to notice that rocked by a broker hub. Billion views on YouTube and that's kind of bit. Yeah dad and baby yeah. Meeting say it quiet odd to cannot comprehend. That many people what. Am I beg you if they get a bit. And then the idea came from this under oath. In the end the big X a match how it caught the and that they didn't they. It is good that the credit both him. Not locate the mother cat and it still worried they came out rich MM. OK let's get that coyote actually end it doesn't exhibit DA doesn't think that this. Let's get Mac lad and thank god the bag that kind of marketing being being back about Bud Selig pull them. Harry on the baby and I don't like it. I'm glad you bring up shop Paul because he's also going to be at kiss the summer hello on Sunday so. You know if you have an extra microphone guitar I'm sure he'd be quick to step down. And they had a AM beat heat missing him. We've been at that little fact. Earth and UK and get ready and play. The couple about it they go to school I mean it's. We keep mentioning him that we did it get that day and London instead him and that let me play dead. Picked up and send it they're not the people will get a kid now on committee that you can't get trapped and. No no he's he's unique and you are unique too because you don't see a lot of touring bands with a lot of cello and a lot of violins. And a lot of what you guys do you really are something special onstage. What did you guys know that this was gonna work for you. Well we talked about how he isn't bad. Adopted the tactical side that to me that's weird day paying merit thought they. Didn't look at them they're you invest it came bits and not we can and then a couple that it had noted that the didn't look at it if he didn't keep up and then one day that she can make good at the English and stuck it. Like you eat it they've done got a part that means that. And we performed at our you know I'm not. Got lucky and well but they're a friend that confirmed that mammoth that you got that people who aren't recommended. That's exactly about that in the mix that. I opened it felt like. That they would benefit that. The map mannered non Mexicans I can attract being hit with a map that you. Talking to 13 of clean bandit right now grace and wanna talk about some symphony before we play it. Tell me a little bit about czar what she's like to work with and what the song means to you. And not a insights. You could see me. I am hard left and they got there and sent them to guarantee. It oh okay and get a very tricky yeah. And it didn't stop singing it it cannot the last. And it's got Smart I saw him and now. Then then does Lara and dump. And there's a chain irons McKenna made it big yet reflect that well. To recap I've been to bed dynamics I guess it's. The only one thought and I'm right. Really does the cool Adam yeah yeah I have. Why men don't about it but I price yeah. But I haven't I don't think in abandoned them then I need good luck pluck them out there. I couldn't help but notice but had wigs and what are your videos. Yeah yeah yet at the end of the end of the kid is and that I'm. Ed great yes we are very low and I am real hard because beside them and let them end and it's. And that. He had wedding dress and stay there any mad connect it. Yeah well you know owls are deep because they're hard to work with sometimes yeah. Tell me about Jack and Luke two Brothers you guys have been together for ten years and your make in the magic happened what's it like working with Brothers do they communicate no way that you just can't understand. And yell sometimes. But then really sweet yet and that he did it mean I'd mandate and they're without a rookie and you're gonna hide the let me start with the Arab and number. Now he's that I can tell you predicted the great Satan and they've got to me he needs your lips that up and mean that they act and the other I said you know I think it out and I kind of feel like a nun and it's. Well listen we look forward to seeing you on Sunday it's going to be hot it's going to be fun it's gonna be a great party. Can't wait to see you and the rest of the band life. Yeah I have not made some athletic. Exactly. Grace from clean bandit on kiss Nadia point five thanks for talking with us today. Thank you thank them out and.