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Wednesday, February 15th


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Right now it's time for DO shy Children's Hospital update very excited about today's update. And in studio we've got anagram was the famine senate care coordinator Bowman children's hospital and got a camera and and she is one of the moms from the stones buddies program we'll talk to a justice Sutton good morning and how I feel good morning it's your job. In the feeling so secure coordinator which is a long title it basically means provide support intricacies. To our patients and families of the past is that a lot of people. There's the last via Nancy and I remember each person's story you're dealing with such you know. Such things I guess that would be is struggling used to take so much time for each person I it's not something you can rush threw accurately to. You said about the new hospital they're excited about it with your role as the family center care coordinator. I know there's going to be especially area few in the new hospital. Pass in the resource we have a few personal feeling resource center. Rate down in Macedonia was really the effort I'm feeling advisory council partnership with the administration to form it. And through the generosity of the community and they helped support end. Furnished place so we Indian established now going to new family resource winner in the fifth floor. At the hospital which is a beautiful space for certain younger wearing next I love the winter garden that's like I think everybody's a much to do you know. Yeah we can do meditation in but how. Why is so important at a hospital to have a famous summer it's really nice to have a place for families can just go in and make a phone Kolb. Use the computer read a book. Ask question. Get some information and media in new diagnosis we have reading materials in magazines that people and arrow that can get a cup of coffee. They can get a bottle of water we have other families that are available to speak with China feeling is coming down and always hear you meet with the families so it's a really nice space. In the hospital you don't have to go very far to get away that you're close to your child. Down as one of the moms from the stones buddies and down a tell us about your family's experience with stones bodies and how this programs helped you. This program has been absolutely. Fantastic. Iron. And me. Really. Took grant. Aspect of support we can relate to other feelings which is fantastic. Chronic illnesses. Very stress it's great to have somebody literally to lose I'm also missed on anybody's activities. There associate the hospital with more fun and scary things for kids. I'm also. We. The events are all the special needs are taken care for us how to times' well Billy we can enjoy it on them. When you have gone to children's hospital and had the experience of all the different stones but his programs what do you think has made the biggest impact. It's. Really kicked him at. Them. And that must be worth so much. Definitely brings a your life. When things are extremely overwhelming means the other thing that I've noticed that the stones by these parties which I think is really important is that. The siblings are also involved in this so it's like a family get together not just. The child that might have a chronic illness or something that the dealing with it's not just for them it's for the entire family and family unit. Of fun I think is very important. Yeah I have a four girl into girl might well hurled it chronically ill child is it's cancer. And wearing children's act he gets an extra ten in the have you been out before girl she's. Meat to it that I. Is it. You know and hurled being absolutely. And tell little bit about Children's Hospital outpatient clinics have moved to the commence building have you visited the new clinics. You have it several families and visited down have you been there. I have gotten more well my gash and I added that a gold prospective act and. I think this and you know they are right and you can't edit that to me that was good footage on my blood. On what surprised you the most. Of because I mean I don't know anyone who hasn't used the clinics at Children's Hospital but what surprised you the most about the consensus building and that the way they've set it up. While the spades and analyze in space I mean like the waiting room area. I am going. Kids' camp stuff going and or you're walking into a noodle experience in your newly diagnosed in super intimidating. With the bright colors tanner lighten the atmosphere him. An organization there's a lot of animals for the kids to relate to where they're going make it stickers. That relates to clinic I like that. All we ask all of our guests. What excites you the most about the new general site Children's Hospital I'll start with you and what excites you the most. Now it's new it's great there's lots of windows it's. X more accessible you mentioned being able to vehemence that we have so many families that go from condensed gas pedal movement sometimes they ago unexpectedly. To the hospital from Canada from the clinics and now they want him to go outside it won't be so. Such a burden for them to come right you know it'll it'll just be everything won't just be more convenient families have really talked a lot about how. It'll be easier to get there. And down on what about you. Well my son is in a realtor and he's in a manual wheelchairs so he we'll himself. Does he wanna be an Emanuel will checked. Does he like that or does he wanna be in the motor know he likes it he like he definitely likes the independence and that's that's what part of this is too is that when I came off. The elevators and two with the outpatient senator we noticed a whole bunch of things that help with independents at. When we come up to de asks. There's a section a little lower so he can kind of felt advocate for an ice is fantastic. Eagle down into a triage room and there's Spencer are lower too easy to transfer and wheelchair scales we can really your child op. And you know just a friendly rights. Everything is just well planned well thought out I love that you know for anybody listening right now and it always they always try to do this because you're dealing with the wheelchair. What do you wanna say the people in parking lots. With the way they park their cars near the handicapped spaces. Give us a little room. I'm also slowed down my child is I am very blow to the ground. And he's independent. I'm behind him walking but he is loaded at ground keep just weren't keep an eye out clean them. And ended dead that's space around the car and a handicapped space is so important. Oh yeah and that's a big part here to it and with our parking will we went to go to eager to our. There's ample room on either side of her soul I had to get everybody organized in an out dollar bags and and transfer Ian and announced very easily. I love that we are doing the big superhero watt come April 29. And I would love to see and be part of the swap rob what their capes on. And it I I saw him buzz around the house and I think he can handle this one mile. Walked you know law be there he's gonna burn Robert younger and I liked attitude. Tell him we said hello it was nice to see he's got to get escape with a superhero I'll Titanic Kate choice and you're going to be wearing capes for the walk right back and a team with a major accounts have you decided what your cape is going to be likely can be picked callers team colors the family advisory team colors if naps yet but we're working something to think about yeah we are working on Pakistani point five keeps all so. Thank you so much for Sutton I really appreciate it for its feel shy Children's Hospital update on kiss ninety point five.