Oishei Children's Hospital Update April 19th

Wednesday, April 19th


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Time for the ocean I Children's Hospital update. Amber Petra Bono the public relations manager from Fisher Price in studio with us except it's not you love Fisher Frasor can study point five I'll think unit Fisher Price Fannie went. Fisher price's head of the Erie. Beautiful relationship with women and children's hospital for I think as long as I can remember. And tell us about that special relationship that you guys have shared. As an early childhood development company had Cory here in Western New York. It's amazing that we have found and other organizations such shared values as well I'll that in the past possible start mine. And our families who live work and play here it's just such an amazing resource and community because such as the nominee plays an actor and your friends loved ones. So over the years we've done everything on treated aid festival of trees tree. It's usually option opt for one that the top dollar. That is always my favorite tree festival of trees it's filled with out of the diamond and it means that violate and auction yeah yeah and then we also do Tony. Be be here and toys to the hospital says bikinis that there and also bring some joy. To the children are in the hospital. And then comfort is off the MD eighty. Our executives often come in around holidays and tweaked to its game and bring joy to. Him. We've done a lot within the next Saturday will be doing the first ever kiss ninety point five kiss cares for kids superhero lock. We'll start at the current children's hospital and bring all of the positive energy. To the new John arrow shy children's hospital and Fisher Price is part of where so it inland after party you know. Well before and after treatment starts team Fisher Price has hundred walkers and a me anglers who ate. And in addition about how the after party please. But the please be expert and how to power wheels driving track where kids can come on apparently. Packed their writings defy and the age of the kids. With Kate because I can't sit on a power we don't. I eking out in the right circumstance. It's going to be for kids three to an okay three Janet heard. Okay ten prior debt that's gonna have the most fun. Organ of the new things that I would say it's five to ten what's on them what's happening has at 360 degree radius that they can block and it's open. So. Bigger child yeah I like that a lot OK we're also gonna have more with kid powered plea areas that are. Pocus and strikes. And I think that's when basketball hoops the budget to kid powered planes off the going to be an infant play area for the youngest beat me. And last but not least for a photo studio so mark but it studio will be in. On a satellite location ninety and you'll be able to come in pose fear panic in print out or you write and celebrate the fact superhero and Lynn Fisher Price is anywhere you always brings free toys for kids what are you doing. So for our first hundred meters maybe 300 kids that stopped by organ happened match next Fisher Price and steeper DC superhero friends beat out an early loves her hero Locke got ahead. Superhero friends. At the brand new John LaRoche I Children's Hospital which I was looking yesterday. I know that there is a special spot inside that hospital for Fisher Price when you guys done that a couple of years ago we announced that we're donating millions to creep that Mattel and Fisher Price and leans resource and that going to be at 6000 square foot rest area for ambient. On the fifth floor what is the word rest mean. Oh boy. Like I've got a whole area two. If it's like a resource area rest area please our families can kind of cast relax but also also engage in some place that Kennedy computer and video games for kids there's going to be. Some toys as. There's going to be a winner card and lose you just get some peace. Meditation area the child life specialists Libya there artists in residence as about doing compared appease it's going to be. Anything that can help him lean as during their time. You know Fisher Price is something we all just in a way expect to be part of western new York and we'd love it. Cult can't because I I have such respect for a company. That. And does their business here in the area and then in the same breath gives back. Help somebody support Fisher Price is just a buying the toys that simple. Yeah but we also have the opportunity to engage in our photo studio owner video studio here's so these opportunities and means. And across the country don't get to experience speaking common plan up and bring your babies and so how does that happen. There's there's in counter. At peace photo studio and it just a second I'm from yeah and you can send us your photos and your information and I'm Diana and as we. Have different needs we'll call you mean your photo and for the chance to be ads they are package. That's the really fun unique opportunity western that I have done I did that with Patrick and Kristen and there is nothing more fun. Then bringing your baby to Fisher Price and having them photographed I did such respect for those wranglers the baby wranglers. Hostile. It down your kids they get bigger cradle but they may look so cute and that color coordinated closet. But he Walken in the as a boy closet and a girl closet and all sizes and literally. The entire color spectrum of the Rijndael. Is perfectly. Organized everything he could line. Mom baby dream it is amazing. Well we're so excited to see you next Saturday and thank you for being part of it and it means a lot to us that your family's gonna walk and our family cannot wait. Fisher Price is going to be part of the kiss cares for kids superhero walk next Saturday you can still jump into the block kiss tonight five dot com for all the details. Be part of this historic first ever walk where will take you. And and give thoughtfulness to the current Children's Hospital where. Right now there are babies in the neonatal intensive care unit right now children going into the emergency room. Having surgeries that we'll all transition in November to the brand new John LaRoche I Children's Hospital. And we're going to do walk to benefit Children's Hospital with his cares for his radio Thon we love you to be a part of it after party. Is going to be better than like Annie after party of government do things then again I guess Europe and the party thank you very much what it's capable. I haven't yet we have our team's shirt on at eight at all but Kay out as superhero cape sets or don't it's 854 thanks to stop and then it's the Shiite Children's Hospital update with amber Patrick Bono public relations manager of Fisher Price and for everybody Fisher Price. We sic thanks all the support you've given the hospital and our community we appreciate you.