Oishei Childrens Hospital Update August 9th

Wednesday, August 9th


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Time video shot I Children's Hospital update this morning. We're talking with Barbara Weber president of justice qwest foundation. And Shelly Martin's secretary of the foundation good morning girls now aren't learning morning surely come a bit about Janice's qwest foundation and how it all started. Well we found it justice crossed into funny ten after tragically we last Barber's daughters Q a seven year battle with brain cancer and just it was on a quest to. Find it here and support. Organizations. That were helping children and others that we're fighting the disease to. And so we picked up the quest after we lost her to continue her mission. And barb how long have you been raising the funds for women and Children's Hospital buffalo and had you raise a lot of money you and we start and Tony tan. In we have raised honor and thirteen thousand wow. And we're still fundraising dinner mission isn't over yet we. How have you been raising the money would accept of that event Steve do our main event is. Golf tournament just not enough countries and every June. We do a meat raffle in October which is that he does. I have never been to a meat well I had there there are old put the idea. Like let's do media I have rights over the loudspeaker I am a big western new York and no actual funny. Then explain what it is. And you come and buy tickets. And there's all kinds of there and you buy tickets and they spin and we ran in picked numbers and you wind piece of meat and you think that these people when he channel all my national craze that is flat a lot of fun so much fun so where do you he raised a lot of money where the funds going. Out of funds are going to women and children. On how unit specifically. And it's going to go towards. Room on the twelfth color on how is it. I would imagine as a parent it must be so difficult. To talk about your jet you're just in this way is and isn't there yet but some some of the good things about her I want no matter. Paterson now yeah I lose it what things brightened her day. She she left school Susan syndicate safari. Which she was so. Devoted and dedicated to whom her friends where huge prayer for him. Of course from their brother yes of course it goes without saying I can't think of a better way. To carry on somebody's legacy then by helping people who have similar situations as she might have had. How can people help with this mission and honored justice quest. Donating look at the hospital is a big it was a big important part of her life. She was very dedicated to us and the people and I noted that would make her fields oh. So wonderful it you know man this is happening now these can. Sherri being part of this foundation what hasn't fired told me that I should now. Well that's very personal obviously now all of us that are involved and we are very very committed to raising these funds and supporting this journey of trying to help others and we're very excited about ability to have this from a hospital this respite area. And other families that are going through an end of life scenario like we would do we just and how great the hospital was for us. There were be able to support these families and that terrible terribly sad time. Can you explain because that word the respite room can be something as somebody might not understand can you explain a little bit more what does her more feel like. It will be a private space where you can bring in the friends and family and have quiet time in private time and kept when he first seven. Opportunity. Whiz who rappers that terminally ill patient is and spend whatever time you have left with them and very private and peaceful setting. No one like that I I can't imagine. A more important room and that's also important is going to be sun some kind of plaque or fiction with just son. There is right now in the hospital and Ali athlete women doing now. And I also mentioning. The wonderful actors that she and it actively look as wonderful author doctor Fitzpatrick who live aid and by our side through this whole thing. And I can only imagine what this must mean to them also because they know how important it is to the family. So on the positive side of it we are proceeding forward with building this new hospital and sharing all of these legacies over to the new hospital. What for you Barbara you most excited about. Just the whole harass them and that they're still they're going to be there's going to be there how these scan me and you know it's it's a wonderful place yeah it really is a wonderful place Hewitt they're touring about a month ago what did you think. Well it's it's phenomenal what was the level was like the wild moment for you when you an inside. Out of some minds down. The I was just so impressed with everything. For me what it was when we're on the higher rooms I think the maternity. The labor and delivery. And you could see all the way down to feed the wind I know wasn't familiar confused. Mosey on an. I'm quite. The building like this sooner than that you know. That amazing but you shout when you excited about. That I am excited about the opportunity to have hospital like this in our community food and I muscle just excited about how cool it is I would walk through the rooms are huge fade. You know I had private bathrooms within each of their rooms there where just like awesome and it's just the views and I just think if I had to be in the hospital. That would be a great place to was I the only one that also took notice an effect the Tim Hortons is right there and you. Did you get a couple coddling our. Though I've I don't regularly and well. Thank you so much on behalf of the community for you know helping to make what would be just a dropping it in these life situation instead of just crumbling you decided to find strengthen it and give back and that's a big deal on so. I hope we will always remember the legacy of your daughter Jess and thank you for sharing your story thank you guys doing good work. Need you more people like you doing good things in this community because you're like these bright stars in our community and we're gonna keep on good I like Cadillac the shy Children's Hospital update with Barbara Weber president of justice qwest foundation and Chile Martin's secretary of the foundation. This is just ninety point five.