Oishei Children's Hospital Update July 5th

Wednesday, July 5th


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We've got the Shia Children's Hospital update good friend of the radio station and of course the city of buffalo frank curtsy to CEO tops friendly markets and of course the chair. Of the collide health board of directors frank how are you earning this great gadget of July weekend I was in top you guys had your eight game goal for the fourth of July. Boy it was a really big week for us we had a lot of great sales people responded to it. And now we had a booming week I love that I also want to mention that for anyone is going to the taste of buffalo. You can get your tickets the tickets you buy for food at tops and the programs to absolutely yeah. Let's talk about it yet let's talk about the new shy Children's Hospital that's being built. What is the involvement that tops is gonna have because you've always been a huge supporter of the hospital. We have always been a big supporter of the Children's Hospital it is really close our mission and vision we do so many things that I help raise money for. Right now we have these balloon campaign. Been going on since 2000 six's. And we've raised over one point two million dollars for the hospitals through that campaign alone. That's where. Customers skated on donated dollar more roundup there are out there bill. A great wait for people to help contribute to the hospital room and tell the pediatric ambulatory surgery unit named. That tops pediatric ambulatory surgery unit and so we actually have a couple of ways to work. You know that we're involved with the hospital that is one in and pediatric ambulatory surgery unit. I'll we've we've contributed to that and had the naming rights that. And so we've done done a lot of fun that we also have the mommy and me baby unit which is a big thing for us where where mothers and their babies get together. I'll we've also funded that Florida hospital is this where the women will have their babies is that. That delivers ours is different the mommy and it's where where they get together after the delivery client Australia I'd say it's a great time for mother's hand and their babies are also pushing baby it's it's a happy place how are they really is yes and we're so glad to be involved with that. And we also have the winter garden. It's a two story in place of reflection in the hospital where children can come and learn about healthy foods how to plant them how to grow them. Bring those things back through there and their homes. Another really happy place and in the hospital that winter garden is there any special. Spot in the hospital and you go you just it just feels different doesn't he it really isn't in the hospital it's really a place of reflection in the place of relaxation. You know how stressful hospital could be this is an area where people are really come together. And and learn learn about growing food learn about healthy foods. And we're really young happy to be in. All without part of the hospital so you're heavily involved with collide health. And women and Children's Hospital buffalo talk a little bit about your own personal involvement because of the board and that chair of the Clyde health board of directors. I am the chair of the board decline and really it's it's a very fulfilling a thing for me. To be able to be involved with a management team over at Kleiner. They're really has the community's best interest at heart. It's such a big part of our community. It's such a big part of the lives of many of our customers. Our our mission envision it and pop just to be involved in our communities and this is the way forward for me personally being involved. And to help the management team that really is doing great things right and client. You're always looking for ways to help than in other some other fundraisers that are coming up how your golf game because the golf tournaments coming up the golf tournament as as you know I genuine Nicklaus have been involved in the putting contest hot hand that's always a very fun time when children come out in. And putt and we have left this liberties there. But the golf tournament itself on this is our twelfth year. And the golf tournament we're has raised over that period of time three point eight million dollars on the Lama sin to donate to and when in children's hospital and now the bush I Children's Hospital. It's one of our most fun events or vendors are associates involved with a it everybody at top it gets involved. And it's it's a really fun time for us and it's coming up. Frank church he's in studio with us as we do your show I Children's Hospital update there's also another one of the fund raisers that tops that participates. Is the free gas and groceries. Yes of their customers get a chance for a dollar to enter a contest to win free gas and groceries that's at 101000 dollar win. So people get it gift cards it to buy food and gasoline doesn't need that I know right yep. And and it is run and on close to a million dollars in in total. Money that that we every time I shot. I didn't tell anyone yet not yet but we'll just tell us funding king and that it's it's on its way you're also a huge supporter of accused of psychiatry at them yet that that that we do we've with you guys here it's it's a fun event for us we have people donate their time. To help a man the phones and do things necessary to raise money right it's it's it's great partners. What we've and that and we're gonna team up again for the kiss ninety point five top superhero lock. That is another phone than it is our. It's here yeah. So amazing I just loved the vibe of it. It really was I mean the walk from from the old hospital and the hospital was was pretty special. On the planning that's gone into that that event and you know the actual move from the old house votes in the hospital is this is pretty print print print when that. What superhero to beat. And that's that is playing right there yeah yeah yeah we've got menace here but I'm staying with a kiss ninety point five cape. We head and I know you know her Mickey merry Acker in studio with us last week who's. In charge of the entire construction project and she told us that were over 90% complete of the new Children's Hospital. I think anybody that's Ben there helped knows what's about to happen in November. Don't you carry this a little bit of anxiousness 'cause we know we still got to move the baby's. You know that is that tennis. I think that has to happen a 100% right in right you know you can is initially says adding that and every board meeting we have. And at Kleiner we've we talk about that move and how important it is. And the planning that's gone into that has been pretty incredible Lindsey it's like a military mission. You know they really play in and out every step of the way. I love so much because it it was funny at the superhero walk I actually walked with a woman who was one of the emergency room nurses. And what I love about this hospital being built and how the movie is gonna happen is how many voices were heard how many voices were listen to. Above the implant. Of building this hospital what hospital needs and how best to do it and it seems like there was a real great communication process of what we needed in how it should be done. It's it's really pretty incredible the amount of planning and the input that's been around. Then and you know made in into this move. The great lesson for everybody patients' parents. You don't doctors nurses. And the planning process is just an incredible just watching that from from the board's point of view. The the amount of time and effort that's gone into this is been outstanding. What are we doing for the first baby born this hospital. You know I don't know that's Anderson if you and that's going to be life. Topic yeah board meeting I don't that's a bigger auditing really. He has that ultimately this could happen the do you guys who won't there and I absolutely it'll probably happen with an effort. To sell. That's shocking and I. Iso watching it all about is I'm so excited. I and so so for anybody can we did have that one week in February we're encouraging everybody. If you wanna do it that November target Indian the first maybe at children's you go that's when you're working I just sit and listen we provided you with a day we did everything we can't. You are one of those special people that we're so blessed to have in this community. Looking out for everybody and I always love seeing a level thanks thanks thanks so much appreciated everything that you guys do too and final question. What are you most excited about with the new Children's Hospital. I'm most excited to have a place in our community where babies can be born in which children's children can be taken care of in a way that's and second to none that crush the whole country. It's really going to be a special place surest frank curtsy of course the CEO of tops friendly markets and each vehicle at a health board of directors. Favorite idol tops. I happened like these children snack yeah I bulk food. I makes such great concoctions of blood bags of Communist wherever they keep scoops yeah right. And these meetings happen in the scope section that's typically the expression of thanks very nice seeing you thank their.