Phillip Phillips Interview

Monday, August 7th


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The one and only Phillip Phillips how I had a very good buried here and gagged do you mammoth legal bet TU doing your show in buffalo for kisses bash. I do has been right well. Call me easy. Territory twelve that we territory yet was to play I believed play twelve it was an amazing show our thanks appreciate it. You come to rule out doing really good doing really good just got some good news. It's all good paying so they're moving forward. I'm happy for you because that'd been a big controversy with American Idol and and they haven't do it short your hands tied it sounds like it now as an artist it's almost like you're free as a bird. Yes let's kill like you know assault on the wide it's mr. basically. You know a new kind of making a new knee it's been here three years since the last album came out. And so many great things have happened in this year's thinker but a little tough but no I got married and you know the the writing of go like these these initial call that are going to be this new record at outdoor writer for the late B port is open goes but they're just I thought it was so good. Really tell me what the vibe is of these new songs. Always like hello Lou let the limit but so too much but I was desolate because what some of these news all those driving the in two co writing with. Nathan Chapman. Doesn't Nashville and let the net chairman. If he did I just had to also connect with them we would book guitar players. And you know obviously songwriters that are in need to be the great singer but he's cushion me in the political as well someday solve. Country given the different not a different way irritating but at this really do a good that he gets pushed me. And wait I didn't think package saying they end up not wasn't comfortable but I could get bigger favorite artist or when they're whatever you do you gotta get get pushed into. In this situation that you gotta. Redefine itself and then dust up locally these also. I think we'll look best in the musically there's some there's some cool that some direction as to if they didn't and then there's just some honesty is well and they're. That within that what happened in these past three years and of Seattle when you've got to be just hours. Guess so yeah it. Parker about this whole crew or how about you can't wait to vote about a bit you know I want you to I don't know if it could really eat me only once so I could play it for everybody. They're real world to me oh did he not everybody. Yes so I yeah whenever you get to hear some songs you can just you can play all of moderator want to do. I promise I would now it would it do you have one in particular or is like raid Ike it's not your songs 'cause I you know on what are your biggest fans. Put it on the order pick I'll hook up the song one of the new songs. Or some of the words would you share that or is that you wanna keep it a secret up tear the artist. There's a couple sort of so called magnetic that's a lot of number that ordination Chad and that's when the first bombs and approach of the bush to go. But I'll let the vocal enough. In this series goes it's looking good and we were trying to ride like these you know try to write something that's all honesty and emotional and and that's all assistant secretary so but it has cooks and we weren't trying to write books but it just happened and this is so catchy and it would have played at last year out in the crowd I mean everybody was. He'll do whatever Allah could go in this also in the purses and all the women and not saying. I think urging god to gonna go who. She made me go out realize that so. That's the app also called magnetics. Right now. I can't wait for that son and I'm so I'm thinking about. All the closure that you're about to have with you know coming deterrence of nineteen entertainment. Tell you what you learned about because this really could translate to any person's life. About standing up for what you believe then and standing up for yourself because truly if you break it all down that's what it was about. Yeah I mean god this isn't it no matter who you are mean whatever you go to the Elijah could sort of personal whatever. It is gotta do what you feel is right no no weeds. We've come to agreement sin and everything is also not so happy and a lot from now on we got wallet happy got a lot of older you get. Too bummed out there stressed about too much and and nothing in my wife and friends they think it's weird sometimes let. Every now and then you kinda get little stressed that. You always try to look for the positive out and everything in there and you know not noticed a lot of even people that are close to meet up that made me really watched people a lot more in and it's our drug baker some people who respond productivity and when the things could go and you know. Not out of Korean but. If you know I have really learned a lot about that we and right now is I'm so actually really excited. I am if we could hear so if I was the producer American Idol and I said of the new American and I'm like fill up. We why you come and be a mentor and perform on our show would you say yes I think you have to do. Are you sure I mean I don't think I'm a good mentor. I don't know if I would I would be too scared to tell the whoever that they're saying it wrong because they're probably going to be a lot better than me but I sure I would do I'm always got her arm. Abdel critics say they're very good job. See this lullaby you tell me about the George with a good dials the long way home to our. All are so excited led Johnny probably a month or so back you do this while nations staying around and a lot of interviews and not a bit new York and if he's just a nice guy we've had a lot of mutual friend who. But we never met each other we worry fewer Greg Wattenberg and I'll work regret Wattenberg in the first two records. But we finally got the mean he's as the nicest guy it's funny then he just you know whatever I've got an offer to go. Tool doesn't close going to be amazing. They don't start and don't actually solve quite well on the network or I'm not Alexander. And that is so many absolutely hit suddenly realized even under the song but edit the fake about it. He's it's going to be and also tour and announced. They have such you know a huge following in the end dedicated fans album opened up opened it there they're Crandall like the love music. Well of course it well and you're gonna be dealing with the opinion any of fans because the good good Els and the long way home. This is home for the Goo Goo Dolls so it's always a special show when we get them in buffalo. Yeah now that's what you say live from buffalo so it's going to be a big show I'm proud. I'm just a little meat fortunate enough to be there and witnessed it. There could be more people backstage then you've ever seen before I think. Listen may do we can do another round of two dismissed bash 2017. With your new new music coming out. We'd love to have you there again it was great top Indian. Here are great doesn't it I'm loved being there. Awesome Phillip Phillips on kiss 98 point five. They he's so much thank you very much good cop who would it.