Robby Takac from The Goo Goo Dolls

Thursday, August 10th


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Kiss 98 point five getting ready for the due 2000 Phillip Phillips on Saturday night and we welcome to the show gravitate get government do the Dow's. Add a how I lose. I'm good I don't well easily cured by straight now we love these two buses yeah I made download movies that have gone hi how are you you are awesome to about. And meeting may actually hurt about seventeen showed and then build all of this super cool guy. League next on American. Those centigrade I didn't yeah we're in Connecticut today you know Kevin blatt. Gimme some of the big stops you've had on the long way home to a because you are finally coming home. But what do then some of the highlights for you. We played you know 107 degrees de Las Vegas and yeah act and I don't know that I laid. But they would base kicked out of the memorable memorable moment. Very sure. Yeah how do you know it just you know and I'm very sorry all around you know we hear a great challenge now though. They made here in Philadelphia and you wanna go so yeah can't you guys no word. Is wrapped up Butler sure got some. And special thing struggled a little bit yeah I'm really knew it through arrested for sure so we got a lot of yeah. Do the Dow's are coming home on Saturday night and we've got gravitate check of the Goo Goo Dolls on the phone. What keeps track of when you're out of town but you have to keep your eye and this about something it's happening in Buffalo, New York whether it's the Buffalo Bills the weather. What do is keep and I hand. Are well mostly exceed my eye out here I ate vegetables and quite honestly yeah you ordered you know where you don't work preparation leading up to it. This entire time so no Bob. You know it's pretty much need to get dark and you know I record label just you know obviously also based upon blows up actually spend a lot of time. Gilbert that sort of stuff. Mom but you know I mean. I didn't get anything out you know my family very goes on keeping up with my family and yeah of the mile course and obviously you don't. Yeah normal life. Actually this summer has been a bizarre weather summer has it affected the tour at all. I'd really laden. Bad weather gay and nearly got that nailed. Advise him. Serious rain but it kind of went away before the show started and then he had you know we don't seem to drop the yeah its. For a boy muscle stimulation. Yeah it does look good let the guys are trying to get better. Oh yeah yeah. Are you don't know when you do a show everybody sings along with your classic science is there are a new one where you like hold on wait a minute. Everybody knows the words to this one now is there one that everyone's kind of phenomenon to. You know it's 188 you can lead you put out a new song. And the it would have to get into storage I entered into contention on the radio. It's like now but I'm the leader of the gate people are listed in nearly saw another ball right now so. So it's amazing let that nothing here Christine at the moment the people even know like right away Alex sold. Contrary to wait I'll let you know like you pleased on. And he looked at the end. Know like when your dog got to go through dead inside. Look did you like the delegate that's sort of what you'd get from the crowd when you played in Saab. Right now look like you would then you know a couple weeks and then be out there people seem to an hour so. I'll need obviously the Irish and you know well oh Mueller. Classic songs let you know that it's Nissan now you know cameo. Traction as well just give you won't think you know you're Asian did you button again here and say. Torso exciting guys to become back home we cannot wait to see him. Upload thank you so much for Obama vowed once again and has always been that. You know we'll be seeing you look up. Sounds good gravitate to act of the Goo Goo Dolls onstage Saturday night at Darian lake. This is kiss 98 point five.