Show Biz In 60 April 19th

Wednesday, April 19th


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I am Janet Snyder and and Nicholas Pickler and this is your show biz and sixty for Wednesday April 19. Lady Gaga and Prince William teamed up on Tuesday to bring awareness to mental illness with prince William's heads together organization. He has with wife Kate Middleton and brother prince hairy. The campaign is to try to help take down the stigma with mental health issues and not make it's a negative shameful. The video of god guy and the prince has been speaking of the importance of speaking up full video was released by the official Kensington Palace Twitter account Drake. Has been robbed his home in Los Angeles burglarized April 3 by a four year old woman who most of them thirsty because. She stole all the water and soft drinks in the home trespasser was charged with felony burglary and arrested after being found. By an associate of the breaks in the singer's bedroom. Wearing his clothes must be a fan carries styles opens up about his brief relationship Taylor subpoenas cover story with The Rolling Stones. The singer's surprises many when he doesn't speak negatively but Matt. Thanks artists stating meeting someone new sharing those experiences. It's the best ever so I think it. Styles also admits his new solo album to be revealed may twelfth is about a woman. But won't say who however some are already speculating it's Kendall Jenner that's a showbiz in 69 kiss 98 point five.