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Thursday, May 18th


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I am Janet Snyder and a Nicklaus picked let's here's your show biz in sixty for Thursday may eighteenth Amy Schumer and then Hannah should of called it quits Schumer is rep confirmed the news on Tuesday night releasing a statement Amy and then had ended their relationship after thoughtful consideration. And remain friends the comedian and the Chicago based furniture designer worked together for about a year and a half. Rocker Chris Cornell lead singer sound garden and obviously it has died at the age of 52. His rep confirmed he died last night in Detroit's has represented of calling the death sudden and unexpected. Said his wife and family were shocked by the Stanley said the they'll be working closely with the medical examiner to determine the cause of death. Chris Cornell one of the founding members of the grunge movement in Seattle in the ninety's. Taylor's just been completely out of the limelight since her pre suitable performance back in February. Now the British tabloid the sun is claiming she's been disguising herself. In London to step out with her new bout Joseph Holland Holland made his breakthrough was an actor last year. In the film Billy Lin's long halftime walk he was also in the favor with Swiss friend Emma Stone. Which is how the two may have been introduced it. The rumors I've turned down to showbiz in 69 kiss 98 point five.