Show Biz In60 April 18th

Tuesday, April 18th


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Hi I'm Janet Snyder and Nichols lets you Asia showbiz and sixty for Tuesday April 18. And Marco is set to be prince hairy state for Pippen Middleton wedding with one exception. She's not able to attend the actual ceremony. This morning which goes down may twentieth. Obvious smaller service with close friends and family. But the party afterwards is remarkable will be attending as prince Harry's plus one in etiquette expert says it's likely the guest list was put together a last fall. Before the couple were getting serious. Some documents from the investigation of prince's death were unsealed on Monday. The documents revealed that there was a doctor that prescribed oxy code onto the artist a few days prior to his death. Our wrote the prescription under a friend of princess to protect his privacy. Documents also revealed that detectives use search warrant to look through records to determine where he got offense in jail. That killed him the investigation is still ongoing. And Kendall Jenner did some interviews over the weekend Wallach Coachella. But there was one big rule no one could ask about the controversial Pepsi commercial. TMC reported that questions had to be submitted in advance. And anyone who tried to sneak in questions regarding would suffer some dire consequences bomb bomb bomb. Showbiz and sixty on kiss and he put five.