Step Out Buffalo Update August 11th

Friday, August 11th


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It is time to get the inside scoop on all the latest entertainment and events with stepped out buffalo proudly presented by Buffalo's own Perry's ice cream life. Is a bullet Perry's Lauren and them only good morning girls wearing. We are a lot to talk about this weekend don't we kept alive and stamped. Let's start with slime fest twelve at the this is happening actually south of Buffalo's sort of near Sherman act and I Hathaway. But the super unique different and I'm actually slide the school of music puts it on. And basically it just added a ton of different international. Music and dance acts happening at it. They hear on campgrounds down answer I think the here and campgrounds at three days of campaign. And then my all of these. A world renowned musicians panic Africa and different places on the outcome and do constantly drum circles workshops really cool while that sounds fun. Earth wind and fire keybank center. This is really exciting team to I lover when inspired this is happening tonight at 8 PM tickets at 36 bucks if you line you know better seats in more experience you can get higher up you know 140 six's. Happening praise and pertinent buyers on September it was actually scientifically proven to be happy is gone. At her. And he carded an hour about some we typically that's on that that happy we're playing so that yeah definitely check that out tonight if you're happy song yet but something with the scientifically it thanks and yeah I think it's. Well if I love that you will definitely play that. I'm America's great country wine festival yesterday and also south of buffalo earlier anti everything we speak and it either way South Carolina aren't happening now for the most part. On this is happening in the stock cook county fairgrounds. I'm in dunk or that's happening Saturday and Sunday all the airlines funny on Oxford Don I'll mention and basically you get. Commemorative wine last CNN cloth lined that that's like six bottles it tasters guide of course there's wine tastings. And I think that's something like thirty different Chinese factories is Hillary's also. And it just like every other on it to Shockey to it and I'll learn that she knows and the Atlanta might it agree stop being that of. On Iraq and yeah that sounds fun and that that I've done the wineries and should top off. It's amazing it should talk with us it hit in Jan and I know right it's really cool the 2000 Phillip Phillips on Saturday night. Yes I boys to come back homes over secret say about this tomorrow night 8 PM tickets they're just twenty bucks for airline seats. And Phil Phillips is actually the American Idol winner from a couple years ago that's going to be a lot of talent on one stage and we're actually checking that out and Louisiana had to the concert on Saturday. All of their amazing and of course there we talked to Robbie and he said he was gonna do some special stuff. Just for the buffalo show special hometown features and Phillip Phillips has finally been released from this legal wrangling he's had going on with nineteen entertainment. It's why you haven't heard him do a lot like you're gonna be amazed at how talented minds and we really like him best of Indiana. Who AM out. Kind of knew or that I think it's happening at an outside. Tomorrow Saturday from ten to nine it's free admission. And basically they had me at Indian and have is. Stance that it they're gonna have Hannah and face painting. Online music culture references that night now and they're gonna actually let the peace bridge it Indians like two in honor. From the rock into the Lewiston art festival. This is happening up north in mixed neighborhoods Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 PM. And this isn't really cool event they think one of the newest and biggest and most iconic event it is and doing it for over is fifty years that's an it's an art community yet and so with our park there and the art festival it's as they take over the entire street it's amazing. Yes the this your they have more than a 175. Artists that are coming in they seek Amy more than twenty that was an original works. Between gaining sculptures ceramics type defeat Juli mixed media and everything between. This events in the cook you get to meet the artists discuss their work one on line and then have a car is gonna have food and entertainment and say and they have a lot of chalk. Stuff Lan to anything making conjunction dynamic and I chop block and there's every form of art you can possibly imagine not all on the strip. That is going to be fun and also we go to the buffalo zoo now for Alice fantastic. Yes even going to the zoo all summer lie like I know some canned answer like well we've and there are a lot of this is an event that related takedown and there's something new C. And they basically celebrating their Asian Alice and they have. And Allison. From that until the taste of Alec can then all this isn't really fun and ends up happening Saturday and Sunday from twelve to four hour. It's not quite as big as the taste of buffalo but I've heard the food is supposed to be amazing so it's the same format where tickets Arab but teaching items I've between a dollar and four dollars. In a closed on the streets at Indy cafe style I'll along the main streets it's your refund awake if you go to look at bill at this as a relief fund weighted. Get there an experience that the culinary stuff that he's got going on and taste in new master what if I prefer to taste locked ports. Well well and it's not you want to go and with just like the complete opposite direction if you happen in higher count me on this is happening on Saturday from eleven to seven. So there moving it this year too on main street between cottage and column certainly in my historic part of locked court. That they're gonna take over that street sixty vendors. Basically a bunch of different restaurants beer and finally served of course they're gonna have music dance performances. Special activities for the kids all that fun stuff it's the same type of structure ready to breeding NN and and you paid for it through tech. I love that the doing best pizza best best restaurant. Elevates. What is ample wanna I wanna vote. And you know a lot ports one for a four sevenths of the taxing is 4740 so I thought that. I love how does cooler that's clever and finally the big daddy event of the entire weekend what are we get on the air officially kicked up Wednesday. Which does not like the last big event of some and anti Huntley pumpkins. But. All in all the files and the and yes exactly so this is happening is that started when the hair. Now after all look at me yeah. And stop act. There is like right down now about it greasy stuff so this kicked out of it said Wednesday. Happening every day up until next Sunday seeking check it out of the gates open at 9 AM early yeah beautiful day at the fair then pounded right stared at 11 AM tickets at a seven bucks kids twelve and under three. I'm you can also get five dollar admission if you get there for 11 AM answer in days so check that out and actually today all firefighters is an exemplary members get in for free. Well the cool yeah and then on my. Pay double just because they'll be there yeah television. Theater and it is so let's talk show some respect has. Then you Fisher OK okay but. I have no problem veterans day is on Sunday to. Yes so all veterans and active military service and members are free admission on Sunday all fines a Mac that on your counters that those are really good days ago. And grace that they have the right wrist bands you can get won praise for his band that they've got so much any other slots. Deals on Monday usual pace yep we got that taste of block port this week and taste of the affair is on Monday we can try everything. For two dollars each that's yeah. This. Because who doesn't love affair food you know how can I get a hold a for the fair large favorite restaurant right now to day. My feet faster rate now it would. And how it's actually. Canal side near pizza. Mart hardly Harvard is on. Yesterday that the shot that Iverson and there's that scholars is in the era of its branches to note the sixth. It's a plant part of the hotel the court nearby area after the other. I got you got yeah it's heartless and with red siren and Clinton's yes. That's that's real threat if you're at 716. I didn't walk around 8 o'clock in the days and you saw in the food truck at channel two and I was like I want what the what did you guys get it. Densely long menu in it that way and everything tell immediately. Graceful man like me your uncles and a bunch of different I'm not keen not even meetings movies meeting Tuesday is my house immediately had toast. And different host Tavis idyllic out of had a toast and gives it rains more choice and really it is they're fresh they have a ton of fresh pressed uses TM. You know so I'm Bonnie and I wonder if it was inspired by this because a lot of times athletes like a you always hear between periods the sabres. They'll do toast between periods because it's just kind of let the good Carnegie discounted media you know grit and easy. Yeah exactly and and. Please tell everyone probably wishes they had they rate below them sitting in deftly healthy luncheon it was like it was reasonable for what you're saying like it was it was. High quality fresh products and everything that we had but it was a little with a salad prices you remember. I was doing eight bucks may be out there. Some of the sale places you can go to today are my only agree that it's the right tactic with us now. I'd like it even though when you're weighing its salad bars you can get sole. Yet I'll use the word and as a can be bad attend school there's an art with talent part of the heavily what about you can't restaurant you know without discouraged you. You know I we just talking a lot about how he rarely style restaurants lately on an office. So today after this we outings after I mean it is just an awesome spot is similar mutates at that it only craving that. Likes movies and use it and it's all super tasty food I like an area you're in enjoy it there mr. I did jab step up buffalo that comes where you can find all of this information.