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Friday, July 7th


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So first up we have jam in the value which is a huge country music festival happening. I'm just like thirty minutes south of buffalo in varies very severe panic going out for its Easter are you just keep kind for a little while. It's really not that far on that actually started yesterday so Thursday and it runs till Saturday. It's a huge show they have I think they have ten acts on the night. Patton a bigger and hang in Marley out of acting with that mind. No coffee. I just got this yesterday barn yesterday so it where tonight. I spoke popular or add a little wait on anybody stick. Okay report we'll have that yet know they they have a lot a note tonight it's Brent Eldridge and that's morrow it's will be key. On that. So yeah it's it's it's it's a lot of fun out there hi I enjoyed I don't even really like country music to be honest of the U. I just like to go they're just have fun and party it's like one of those and the spears and Eric. Okay. Listen I'm not trying to enter up until you're not the first time I lashed the first time I went everyone's like listen. Which you see the fireworks are the best in the world I'm like OK buddy. Had been to Disney. I've seen some pretty darn good fireworks don't get it is the best in the world stop. And I'm not going to lie I will go on record and say this that I watch the pirates tonight and they are absolutely by far the best I've ever seen. Anywhere. In my obeyed. Put a lot of that fight you fireworks that didn't even know existed like when to go and Google owned it. Like I am blow their fireworks show is probably one of us have ever seen I wanted to you know so. And right now and I didn't see snapped at them laughs I preferences and they are awesome commitment like alma mine. They are 89 camp. It's good time I enjoy it there so what's that old pirates for us the. All cut pirate that's not happening all week and on the elements in coral park in. Which is at 54 minutes north of buffalo on a pretty new Google Maps 61. Week brutal I think it. At the way coming. Or is dragging. But it's John if that Debbie can take out today at 6 PM to midnight marrow from 12 PM him in an incentive and him at 6 PM. Free admission into parking indeed get I didn't tickets for those service and and basically this is that pirate themed Fastenal thumping at the during the day it's geared more turns and leaving kids and then that night if the adult time raising food beer light entertainment. And I'll weekend monger actually having the Great Lakes three leaders pirate and Cammie and doing. And displays and Dan. Editing and then they're also doing things they've lined up and in the night and everything it can't get. Oh my. I'm going with being called a pirate festival that's the type of stuff I want its balance again. Off exactly the they're gonna have but just up on that they also have a classic car show in a parade at noon and they're gonna have prices for the best posture on both days the check in way about him. It's a lot of fun now with the the fourth annual blues festival. NASA the buffalo Niagara blues festival is happening on Saturday that's that's silos city and so this is a fourth year they've done S. If I have is an awesome alternative to the tees off look you've done that that he did outlast you may be a glance and you summing difference 1250. On per ticket in advance of 920 bucks a day of the show. I'm and they actually have Grammy Award nominated blues guitarist Inky various lucky Peterson and so he does like contemporary blues all R&B gospel. All that variety on the have a bunch of other. Acts happening in is kind of like family friendly Tuesday gonna have. And six different national acts and have a blues education tank I'm within an inch and workshops and have performances by. Younger lasting it went musicians of course they're gonna have food and bad news you can bring it scary comment on there and they're gonna have a shuttle from Vernon boulevard. Just in case is not enough parking. A lot that tells me that this is an alternative to the taste of buffalo willing accidentally Dixon going to be accused ethnic that is a big actually. And that we have now stadium three. So this for all Leo he's out there this is basically exactly what is soundly nom on stadiums that are doing yoga in a stadium in the third year. And Coca-Cola field and 11:32 PM on Saturday at 35 bucks or dealt which includes. Your ticket for yoga and then a buffalo Biden's flex ticket commute for any game this season. Adding kids twelve and under freedom attend the kid's portion but they're both you've got to get advance registrations are definitely you're in that get online today in a register yourself. All proceeds benefit the woman in children's hospital of buffalo and yelled he's answer all that is so it's critical doors open at 11 AM Yucca starts promptly at 1132 top 25 and they've gotten after price from 1245 to 2 PM tonight a lot of friends who do this and it's really. It's cool that he's the pitchers image is a bunch of people on the Stevie I. Can imagine it is get a lot of people on there and how he asked pretty cool pictures to show him the great thing is eager to out power and you can roll right into the case to buffalo. Exactly yes so as we all know of course that he's about clothes happening Saturday and Sunday. I'm hungry this is hard to. It's hard for me to talk about that right now because now I'm hungry but keep. One of the most important things you know as the times because you unsettling for these events he won nearly wasn't actually need to get there and mining heartland tonight. You know gut tells us Saturday it's running from 11 AM to 9 PM and Sunday from 11 AM to seven. Yes Sundays the one that I know because I'm usually on the that they and I get a lot of calls because I know it ends earlier. But some people assume that at last as long as it doesn't Saturday at seven. Or they assume that is the only running till five and spent seven degree time obviously in summary I'm ultimately there. Unseen do you go and then you buy their tickets air tickets for food and drink. There and and you paid for that little samples at each of their restaurants are going to be over 55 different restaurants six wineries. Obviously hundreds of thousands of people often because it is a lightness today to pass in the past is. There anything in particular they the year excited about. He's the Butler that you get every year when you guys get. I personally love getting. Food and sign it and they've got black sushi yet embraced us and I left out though it act like my first go to. Bluntly do a lot of is a lot of different instruments a lot of that he. Desired option. And it is. Everything from Indian to pull it out and Chinese in. Your every need and think fifty. A lot geez now here's my favorite and the queen of law on. It I there is an event you're just seeing that I have friends who count on the dates that the bank is it's not on health. And there's the reason. The west said I think it's called the Q away so you locating well they're called if I were always very analogue tape analysts and are likable and they. You'll see in the beard tonight. Ethic and his celebrity appearances tonight and Friday. I am to midnight is that at the time didn't check it out tonight it's narrowed noon to midnight and then sending new and 930. And admission and parking are free via a one day I'll they respect for twenty bucks it's lets you it's the largest turn on and knew that. I remember going there and I was young and realize it was 36 years old at the Dubai ladies sixty years at Harvard pays them from they're gonna have music right attraction alliance the analyze the basket raffle free and it came including light bands children's magic shed anything themes that skill and chance and the beer tent like you said that that and at the place to be. Clearly you had received writers are yes I'm more of an outside guys like they have a big you know they they're there appeared attempt at playing. But then they have a big area outside of the here ten and I like kind of mingle at. Because they almost as does congested in certain areas it's up again I like to just hang on my friends. It not be in somebody's way. And so I have a go to start that January is when payments go there. Where we didn't hang out we have fun you could still see everybody walking by at the same time you're not like open and anybody either. Well well it's it's kind of it's continued support audience. You know. Things are pretty important that. That spot they're gonna do it go somewhere else I. Definitely need. There. And as I see someone you know or every now like everywhere quietly as Hillary. With the ex the Rolling Hills summer bash celebrity ghost went ethnic Paul. Those kind fast that I asked you could say Rolling Hills asylum which is Allen needs Japanese that not only super nearby but it's not too far. And then there actually having a celebrity. Ghosts time during this summer bash apparently elements in line the eighties they describe as a celebrity kind and underpass. That's happening from ten to six Atlantic coastline starts at ninth inning that's like 3 am. And it goes time is not cheap it's like a hundred bucks just you know going out to ease the problem or not. A back. But they are deeply Lebanese and link that locking that in Nashville enemies and we. Estimates in the walking dad. Santiago. And laughing. On some pretty legit celebrity's. Ghost hunting apparently. And then there's like meaning daytime two days steering some bash is an option. Option and psychics mediums music and a conference style things now it's illegal different that we we posted a packed basement and Leila people where it past the sound Catholic app. Oh deadly where in the so we're gonna actually has more to its UA before 10 o'clock. Buffalo brunch festival on Sunday. Yeah we're excited about this is happening it will at some point which is on Furman bullet fired mutant putting your Google or if you basically go under that tunnel and oddly at firming. You're gonna think you're driving for ever keep going and they did pretty good about putting signs the outer harbor and this way keep driving. So just keep following the science and then you're gonna see a bunch of people in tents and stuff like that I Anthony's brunch exactly. Those seven in club history and Sunday tickets are fifteen bucks and what they're gonna do is have Bible Russians come in sample the unique French dishes. It's on the water which is the degree location Leavitt there. And you get a ticket Erik your ticket includes food sampling from each restaurant and a free drinks of the rush on this higher risk through. A Syria 166 consumers that the packed edition can outside. The grove juice track in Elmhurst not. Interesting line that can try different things and you can't go we will be there snaps hitting an all things you can leave your thumb out through us and find that we're gonna. French and last but not least of of course none of us have tickets to the Schneider who whose that. Last year and ever heard of them happening in humane manner on Sunday and if you're knocking accent tickets let us now holiday isn't there because I think. And as a bunch of snap back and let us. It's as I hear tickets starting at 94 doc does. I've liabilities and yeah. And the line now. Yeah off. And hanging around the house that. Trying to catch to. That point chair you meet regularly hangs out where the buses come into the have. You know. Let's get thicker here restaurant recommendation. On. That the heartland to ruby and make me. I think there are and it actually I have one in need and it. We different sequentially at 62 last week for com bland and heavily Catholic it's a mock wanna rape by the silica. Three ended at a bunch town meeting at the classic tackle or eaten it that yet fish tacos that got to be fun if I think Buffalo's shrimp. That kind of fun place it's really cheap eats it if you love tax Maxtor and it isn't new line. So many Mexican places than I know I lately so there now. Plea yet and yet. An and another awesome place is evil ways it's. It'll lose sees Ethiopian Army to be it's up in black rocks near stars. You know that is but it's like it's super fast casually he's not account in order they happily there version of Philly cheese steaks. And then they have also really awesome tacos. But. Goes to candlelight like comfort foods are kind of like you know hoagies in subs and tacos and stuff like. And so they they have kind of strange hours just that they're not I'm open I think on Friday that -- check it out online for ego but it really. Another cheap eats place I'd try it if dimension for I mean again that's Adam yeah early on for al-Qaeda could go throughout. Thank you very much if anybody has the questions are missing step up buffalo dot com he has at all and how they all you want snaps that they could see your brunch. Madness going on Sunday. At step up buffalo we've got a bunch of fun stuff happening right now XP Brad I've been doing takeover the that they the local com. The cafe and they make their own residents on the West Bank in there to do with their hold your. And answer. Now if they're rampant under. All right we'll see you next week thank you.