Step Out Buffalo Update June 16th

Friday, June 16th


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Chance to get a scoop on all the latest entertainment events everything happening around buffalo would step up buffalo it's proudly presented. By Buffalo's own Perry's I screen life. Bowl. The air sleep both girls and to learn and only from step out buffalo. And let's go one parent. I believe this is a great week and if you are both the two like kind of look at the big overview of the week or would you say about this weekend. There's something for everyone honest leaders historical stuff there's you know leaves there is barbecue there's times they're leaders everything and anything. Huge on her music like I have a different time. There's like there's such it's makes me tingle because I love live music like being outdoors and enjoying it it's really cool so let's get to it. Buffalo fantasy and magic fast is the first thing we talk about that happens tonight it. All of comic con kids out there the comic book the fantasy video gamers this is your summer baton is happening all week and month. At the buffalo essential terminal today from fights nines narrow eleven to seven Sunday twelve deploy act. There is eight bucks trees not take its ten at the door you need to weaken passer eighteen dollars. Kids ten and under are free and dad on Sunday if you come with when he your kids at least one you get five dollar admission at the so what they're doing is they're saying is is a brand new vision of the world of fantasy fan and it's being put on by beyond ghosts it's the company that does that scores on a honeymoon or no the well yeah. There are good people yes that it didn't really fun they're highlighting a bunch of themes classic fantasy cult movies in urban fantasy the three big ones. What do commit to wizards. Is something. That I'll put my cloak on and oh yeah. It. It be yes I'll have each culture is beefed monsters scary tales legends and mysteries at with much. Don't ice think that there should be some kind of Harry Potter party because. Everybody debt grew up on Harry Potter is now in their twenties. And they're ready to Harry Potter party aside put and you step out buffalo. He probably Andy is something because it didn't literally isn't any potter it's a sum it up. I am buckle iron works is hosting barbecue and blues bash to me about that accident. Technically apt buffalo heinrichs down in the cobblestone district but it all in the on street in front of that area some eight sat on the whole Illinois street. On tickets are just fifteen to Tony at box it starts today at 5 PM and so it's a huge outdoor concert. Of course it's also barbecues food Fastenal. And so they have a bunch of different blues bands rock they had jam. And silly hat and that is an official after party app offline it's inside a nice approach it is a street parking on Nicky banks that are good a have you done this before. I have not but I heard from friends that I've Iannetta. I want it no word of warning it's not a heels offense because that's cobblestone with a bunch of semi as the real thing you don't mess that I can just chunky heel or wedge just something because the cobblestone will mess up your shoes and the next barbecue wins over shoes. And potency do we have the barbecue honest. Who does the barbecue. As much a bunch of different filed a part so from the barbecue and blues bash tonight we head over to buffalo river fast that's also going on tonight. Yes and over the weekend yeah yeah that kicks off today 69. Elevenths at midnight Saturday and then one that I've Sunday as part. Which alters toward an Ohio street and you theory lot. This equal and it's just an. Event ever gotten it happens and epic historical. Sections and V honestly historical walking two hours. I got bingo at 81 cast. Yeah very. That's kind and now I picked the cast all of this and I'll write. I'll throw up that is worth that is yeah. So that I'll fix that yeah. And and they're obviously missing. And is that got its and it is happening on Saturday morning about the boat for news and you can do. For thirty. Oh yeah like yank it. Oh yes sometimes I am facing but their rent right that too good that's all I chased son you'll go fast acting isn't it. Outside so it's at the outer harbor on Saturday on it's an alternate possible from 9 AM to 9 PM tickets are 45 box. And basically it's on put on by eleven motion yelled up. And it starts off with a five K run and and you had backed out of however eating it juice they're gonna have a bunch of local food food trucks. Including growth juice shop but I'd actually never tried that's awesome non they had have lunch available for use from the food jobs. And you kind of do a bunch of different yoga classes they and it was thanks in meditation. Other yoga classes and and a happy are severe and that's all I'm a lot of fun yeah and a five. You'll hear hello while the outdoor yoga is so big and they do their defense redux it's chased us on no relation to chance the rapper got league. Alternative buffalo our sister station is doing curve awful tomorrow night and tomorrow all day actually did start towards noon. Yeah one yet is it all day event the first of two day that's an account that. They have general admission ticket asking him you know in VAP that outlet good bands that Moses Dashboard Confessional and spirit and future islands Okie go. Love yeah yes going to be. Dashboards headlining their their their last act and that's going to be amazing. Now. I notice so busy when Beisel mansion and then happening on or let's just an inquiry next. Yes that is also on Saturday on there celebrating their first anniversary but also went currently in my opinion the summer solstice. I'm having Apple's street pass on download it runs from Utica street hides. And so they're shutting down as well yeah practically. Shouted. And now. It's. So what's lost is we have to shut down. Should I dollar loan. Outlining a Summers off party makes it. Just means the longest day of the Iran in a hotline is what represents this summer solstice party drinking. I sort of I am just makes her hour. That's aren't they yeah last floppy hats and flower crowned as a festival attire again. At Auburn and just. The tickets are just ten to fifteen not 615 day of and you get and trends and any unit via your first year fell an innocent man pint class so that's just weren't very active they're gonna have music all day on. Under got to pay grows a seafood well and like most of the bands that are playing its business you are actually people that work for shafts I'll add that varies if I'm not. That that's amazing so cool right so that's the thin man during the first anniversary so happy anniversary. Chest buffalo the dragon boat assets happening at buffalo river works this is cool. Yeah this is in conjunction with the buffalo where festival rivers works as you know is great across the river from the parent. This is eight to eye on Saturday and you can kind of go and watch majestic sport of dragon boat race thing. End of what drag and voting is it's a vote twenty peddlers and have a primary and it's your person and having people of all skill levels come it's really cool watch. Oh yeah they are beautiful and so that there's all going to be set up the river works it can make a day of it and just really sure everybody down. Ari the music benefit from the veterans benefit music fest I think this is super important because it helps our local veterans that's on Sunday. Yes and we are currently looking into a few different things they can do it data on Sunday and this was one that we really light. On the lake is that it's very good cause this is happening at hampered drink company. And it's free and open to the public starts at 1230 beast it is NB raffles special merchandise at her desk. I'm gifts for veterans and can bring your dad down indicted beer garden outside. On and that kind of discuss wanna see anything like that buys and they're playing just a bunch of different fun things to get data out. Tyson's police Sunday on Father's Day 1 o'clock local field exactly and that will just announced I want to. That will be about a three hour game that roles as right into the biggest concert of the summer is this summer hello. We're so excited about this a lot of rain coming isn't it amazing lineup is means. That Austin home clean and it you know is Irish on on actually X on the host yeah I expect him and and I'll then and actually got it for working adding to already after the game you can you know little company and the after news ending go to his some low. The rest of the day that can house I still general admission ticket if I Bucs Pena knew her fifty a bit better view. Lean and mean in all of his. I want you to tell me about that feel like his. I dutifully campaign and as you know what he's got a new song to. We're just talk about that as their. Yeah yeah I've just got released today so we're excited about that. Are now. And I know you guys are also going to be following an on step I'll. It's getting mean so just be clear so you need to get up close and personal pictures of William from inside of history that beautiful place I think it's so. What is now and is replaced. I don't yeah. As writer that says Lauren can't face it as extra. All I know is that I sign the back office all the stuff for the writers teachers as a writer who he's got. Really good taste and we need to find that perception. Yeah. Lotta assets. Requests are so and some other dance four ounces alone. Excited. And let Berger project is happening and that its but it seems your foundation which is the colony here yeah. They clear the crowd that's the time yes the second nationwide thing where they're challenging. Ash and all of the countries ended burger. In exit sixteen. Which is it more than half that XT. Or is already perfect what could do what the hell you can lend. Is that what you're taking each app that's much blending it into. Which I don't anymore temptation now you're no I. It's just. So confused and so what all these different restaurants that do their own version of this is that the tape much put them into. I think I'll feel personally I don't like much it's what. They're writing miles putting them in. The culinary tigris. And his golf. So they're making budget for one that each ash is spending while three out limited time in July there's. What I think is by adding much to burger healthier sustainable burger. They're getting a lot of nutrients that they deep yet and yet it's. I remember my burger you've. You eat it you look I got more at these guys out by now what you wanna know here's the thing with this culinary style. Especially James Beard Foundation puts a stamp on something. This is nothing and you just have to trust at sea ice to fight the current deal with my sister who's out real well. Now and learn and you get enough term I feel very intrigued. Think. Now. I always not just overbought and glimpse at him. IT. US. There's something when you get a text your mother that's not for humans as cargo out right OK let it. See that's what you wanna know what are the craziest thing so I'm a vegetarian button that remind me it's just amazing. But literally the only thing there's just one thing. You tell. You can't do. I swear to god I have never tasted metallic I don't you know yeah. I can't even and book and it just doesn't look you have what is there don't think I I I look and like me going to. Have you seen the staff and then and now it's just. It's really good old is unlike. I know. I. What do you predict boon. Well we consisted of Intel have would be my goal beauty of golf cart. It. I think the whole look of it. Brown around but it's not. In. There's a fund raiser happening on Sunday at its Joe's crab shack that's for organization called home which is. Housing opportunities made equal so they want equal playing field for once in buffalo they do fund raiser there and you go there on Sunday. Look up home online flyer and you're gonna. Raise some money for this great organizations that Joe's crab checked on Father's Day. And you have a big event coming up for people planning to I really feel like. With everything going on you almost have to plan out your weekends otherwise you're gonna miss out in next Sunday you've got a big bark crown. Yes they expect and you know we called the big fat than make fun. Of any lost eleven different buyers along the waterfront house only the beginning at all efforts toward area. And they take is our crowd in a lot of gets some places where the island off the years some places are doing like two dollar while James Blake. It's really fun. I can make it's the first the real. And then I just state energy yeah he says some followers are directional issues with you in Madison and with him and if everything that in a one mile walking out Temple-Inland. In my real house and watch and wait Templeton landing and I know why that is. And how ever where the line like that some are locked away in the water. It blocks the block it out night and you kind of go through the house down around. I mean it's pretty good behind. Arena now and follow that road then you'd turn right Michigan street look for the cheerio. And age don't Wear your heels operate I digital clock what does that has the right. I digital clock. Doesn't mean. Shouldn't we ask that question the question needs. Is some area and in a digital outdoor clock. Do it that act and why. You need to find an answer for. It at your talent and what the with a now we're all driving by they're probably doing it for dragon boat and all that. But this is like. It's just is big weird digital clock lets you know the lucky charms of ruin. The idea. I did not see any more on this list. On June 18 next birth hour's worth that's our estimates. And you know up until I got a post it again and hit a page. That. But I don't think it can. Get to share them can you yellow shirt and he won. His shirt on the back. I'm enough. We ask okay now it's awkward I should. Number prevention to an. Extra you have go to their place ride go to Denver like it and get a really good birchard are. It's comedic and that's when it comes to drive. Yeah. Soda why it's not flexing its quietly has. Everybody's saying. Our job and that he you know. It's so funny I mean no offense dads we all love you so much. But we just don't we put Father's Day some where it doesn't mean so much because. We like twelve weeks to make a difference. I think you. Really can. Only get. In principle here. I think. That's. It. Other. June for. The yeah that's what I think. This day among these. Are Saturday to make sure we get in all of sudden. Yeah stick as what you can forums and are happy. And bring in my school decree the whole it's gonna be so funny I apologize in advance techno feel kind of I don't know what's gonna happen and I'm sorry in advance. You. Know. I just I it's going to be great weekend. Wake up and you're already at pinnacles. And I mean our hair and why step up awful dot com is your website its you can find everything from restaurants to agree. Cars to lunches everything. Thinks.