Step Out Buffalo Update May 19th

Friday, May 19th


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Get the inside scoop on all the latest entertainment events and what's happening in buffalo step up buffalo proudly presented by Buffalo's own Perry's ice cream life. Is a couple of parents Lauren anomaly in studio together and girls this is going to be a fun weekend and I Gillick finally we're getting into the exciting stuff right. Then ides let's start with 2017 nickel city count of the convention. So honor yes this is happening all weekend Mayan sites today and ends on Sunday I know nick is super involved with best. They describe it as Buffalo's largest pop culture and entertainment events that combines. The worlds of late comic books and movies television. Graphic novels toys cost play of course and video games Borough hall we cannot command and. Yet starts today and Sunday is the big sports states like Joseph Montana stuff like that that's on Sunday. Saturday is Shatner no relish Knapp who plays will from a stranger things is going to be there. Lot of star Sam Jones if your Flash Gordon and Sam Jones going to be there Michelle Nichols rounds obvious Star Trek. Group of people as far Star Wars Billy. I'm telling you diamond Dallas page of pure and grassland. And classic and diamond Dallas is the yoga there's going to be a clinic. A chance to meet these people to snakes going to be there was in the some of the best buffalo people watching you're gonna find all weekend the best and if you have stuff that you want to certified. The certified guaranty companies he geez he's going to be either so for collectors like for hardcore collectors. That's a major reason to come but now stars from all over just to fund and convention. It's not comic books centric like it's not just comic book there's a lot of that if you wanna come and talk to Janet absolutely that happened in Tammy yes. And that another developing and I have is that it's eight Permanente is going to be here at the pop up. And it's funded clinic at super heroes vs villains and log it and that's gone. Mom you know what goals socialists. It is a new shuttle service that's kind of our solution to that the group lift issue mover in the gate here is that the shuttle service that'll pick you up it. Designated location and take usually see popular places online tip line in that I love that Syria but what's the vehicle. The channel a boss guy. And so does it have like a route that goes and so you'd jump on yet okay and then you jump off and where exactly. Like honestly if you're an airport terminals opposed to terminal one terminal to yes and terrific effort especially with all the the weekends and it better and better and battered down agreed to lead if we get around and so buffalo local brew facts at the buffalo local group that's it also coincide with the ghost social lunch parity which is the shuttle service. At expo market ten titan five tonight expo is the food that's on main street across the city's downtown. It's I've boxing it in but that gives you six I announced lawyers so it's pretty worried that. And they're gonna have a bunch of great prairies twelve gates big ditch 42 nor tech in two Beers each the earth that people get to free up local teacher. And it's gonna be really great also wrestling away free rides from the gulf emotional shuttle there is that he need to plan your weekend is could be. Is it all for shore. Buffalo many maker Faire. The buffalo this is happening at the buffalo museum of science and Saturday some of its narrow ten to collect eleven Oxford dollar. 83 kids free for his ninth member and the cool thing to figuring a bunch of different inventors to get together. Which can that are could be anyone actually likes the giants is people like about it and be printing and people that Justine here it. In meats that you could seat next Steve Jobs there. I'll age is out background people are coming in their kind of celebrating become the greatest show on how on earth that they're celebrating inventing creativity is north. He's been cool stuff that's so fun on chip while beginning at 2 o'clock tomorrow I just I'm obsessed with this nineties and it's going to be happening it. Now at the nineties bark out the upcoming to here it. Author of Tripoli yesterday. Back at 2 PM tomorrow. You can get tickets and I love it if I need to needed it as an amber aimed. Remember where he's in ourselves remembering your cool back in the nineties as. Now it seems like that's something you did that act and today. On appetite without a Y eight Jack not nineties I they'll be Chinese music in us yeah. And I think it's an owner of the house at that deep in you know. In the prime lobbying and signature barn already wearing it right now. And it signature back on apple in the Sinai and then eat it while competing at registries and so some of ours and sneaky at night 67 last local bottom up. That act on it. That sounds like so much but enough to the weather tomorrow. Sun mixed with clouds nice data now right around seventy some good walking free bar crawl after here spun off full circle fest at 42 north brewing. Fortunately that you've never been afraid it's really cool place also Easter aura and it. Just are really at a United States right behind the brewers and a great there and it's you know their big beer Garrett and indeed get deep south not very deep south taco Natchez. Mali ass which is really cool also viewing history you know little flavor of downtown and now. This is happening to marathon to fix the full circle past thirty bucks tree fell 35 at the door and they're bringing out there brewing friends to celebrate the circle of life in the west senior craft bring it. Sixteen or is a B they're doing samples in your ticket also gives you aptly referred to Pigram that there. Along with like a nice yes and heavily you just can't you bridal shower at DKV you know. I did yes it is URLs any starts at lake at the beginning of town if you're coming from my campaign. I'm down on no around it's an old warehouse type of bowling alleys and honest it's only an electric or Waterhouse. And so Lisa to Carla she's instigated dynasty on urban design and cost them home shop months and it goes on Easter and flips different buildings. And then moves on and does another and so this is she decided to turn this one in two also a Portuguese. Cop in wine bar. Which is just so different the first one we have enough of those write an out right. Fine art and copy and John Albert Portuguese. Right and that's true it's incredible yet they have like really H equity awards and everything like that. And they haven't. Fabulous patio like maybe wanted to pass on being higher place yet fireplaces it's not a big patio but it's overlooking. The creek in an inmate right where all these waterfalls are happening on the aggression day I had the yen and using detonating the day to day on Saturday or Sunday. Had a cup copies off them and that's so fonts so. East is and the music fastest come up brightness and having and a couple weeks now Kenny. It just made me think of that we're talking about 42 north brewing that's got their big event this weekend are sky ride atlas hill park I'm excited about it on Sunday. Yet it's one of the coolest events in buffalo I think I'm just have you get to kind of celebrate this highly instead of you know he and it it's a lot of people scale the now this fund happening on Sunday morning at seven they and it starts analysts Alex's. On poured air sort of I'm on the last side but near Allentown with his rich yeah not to north. So tickets they answered to thirty bucks. It's basically. I think things and tension around this down 9/11 and twelve mile loops and he kind you like to have fried or. It over the skyway that's a one island are going over canal side it's that hundred foot thing overcast and the most people just a knowingly drive on right now I'm giggling down don't. I know cars that. Wasted style helmet. On the right do you notice I also go throughout the cities that's what makes that line. And afterwards they've added this year by deemed passed in the partly. Hopefully the way animals this is a teeny tiny bit of rain is this gonna laugh it was transit getting to pro rookie tests well or do you just ride your bike accident eroding as. Worked at an idea yeah acts but on patient and that act in open act out apartments I want and it. But he should be by coming in and that completely TMI apparently. I absolutely want to go unused Atlantic back and it's actually from where it. The way to go I says this is a step out buffalo pro rodeo event. Who is the one that loves the Prodi's. So what are the different for obese we get to judge right after the jacket like this self. As a judge would you looking for you. That must honor whatever it tastes the best years of their three different categories to vote on the one is just that fast growing use that as the ha that's a bit. The other line is best tradition also appears your half of the protein that will be there extradition on Africa obviously Lauren your traditional pro gay girl Iran may write an Annie. Okay all right. Whatever pleaded my case that I mean for your ticket they act I. It's tradition that you can't seem army unlike potato cheese prog these punish you for with sour cream and a little bit attack an honor of course yes totally old school is definitely the traditional K or your traditional you can vote for nearly traditional proceed there and then there is treated like this and the idea is there one there it is putting really creative. Ingredients in there which it's fun to see different ways that people speaking. I wouldn't mind an apple pipe broke me. You got it in my hand urging them telling millions how many different cronies or people be tasting. And it's tense there it's out for Amy can compliance and you get to taste one for each place that one things like about the the net immediately all inclusive things that your admission ticket. That's you taste every thing. There are allowed to not use the traditional bureau ye. Prints if we just call the Perot he's a cool what we've corrected by the traditional age your. Every good Perot becomes a degree proved story like this is a recipe from yeah yeah yeah. You know I tell you to be like what it's just Melky supersize but it's Perot gets totally different it's again great great tradition to celebrate as the first ever. This is the first ever of its kind yes Adobe. Like at that and celebrate all the different kinds and I could now he's becoming an ugly. Pena in new chicken. I love to that you got to VIP Perot he lounge yes though over forks in. Our. Latter's it few be a little bit of a dollar at the Yankee ticket you get an expedited check and the beats it in little quick on your own right at the again that'll mean up private section and that's going to be ports where the money are they the editor that is of the air conditioning of the and there hope and get out and buy. Just go to the bathroom to you this outlook. On time at the participant people my house a all luggage and open our whole thing will mean music here you get of the and it any of the at the Indy VIP and port. I'm trying to decide how they got I'm in my mind tasting a Prodi and trying to decide whether I'd wanna drink it with like a glass of white wine. Or beer you can have but we don't what do you think owes us. Yeah it is typical Stella. I'm going to local beer and a bunch of local Beers I captives now so does the blueberry then thanking the Chip Kelly twelve K what time is that today and that's this evening. That's starts at 630 act so that's another there's a couple of nice ten runs in tanks and super into and you can do I know you mentioned that the child came by he can do like a one point two final round that they capture. Like out. It's but now. I don't unit and a he's. Wrong. Well. Blown tree and build. Something. I. You hear our conversation silences that it which she isn't opinions on that. What do you know what I mean look when you see someone and then not least right yeah and that's a judgment call I mean. Ask them. Now. Now let's say like you need to know that this choice. But that's with everything the clothing you don't understand these you understand as I see your house and I'm like. Hole what's going to want to. I gave many eyes and you wait in line. That. Now. I think is back in our year are you it's gonna get all jacked up from lifting those things because his muscles right probably. Yeah it was awful. So and probing fast as it is a slight slight chance of rain on Sunday rain or shine. Yes they get. Acres in it's obvious and the VIPs get beat and that we. You are like angels of Western New York making it fun every weekend for us and now this isn't like your big time of fun yes for sure you read anything else. And it. We really got tickets left so I'm like letting it act that was sold out. We do have a couple hundred tickets some where do you get the tickets. On Barack and I'm afraid that comedy if you go to buffalo Prodi back stack found penalty you rate there sounds good that not good luck to all the restaurants competing today and be really fun.