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Thursday, February 16th


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George W counting down to Georgia. You guys about it doesn't chart now I am having an. Impact. I'm currently without any OPEC output equivalent speed I yeah. I'm NB a bit you know pick app and I just haven't had that. That look or however the nickname they did bar is it that one. Anthony you're in a huge can't span. Yeah now what what's abroad and everything. How about your blog yeah me however he once. So what your style be for the game that he thought about it Georgia. Yeah are an argument that I think that we are actual car in the current series yeah church. Well I thought I'd definitely got to get a guarantee you outlet and our our client out of the breathe that shot back I guess are headed up by the lack of the soldiers. And. Carry tear coming down to the cavs game that's a good when things are Colin. Kristin your Pakistani point five. Hey Caleb what are you counting down to Crist and I am counting down the editor at end of the semester come here as a law and Amway. How many more days you have. I act and that be Diane and me. But I think in May and then I'm going at it. That. Which music festival. No I am had been about alleged they aren't nice who's who's headlining. And Majorly bad at CD LED. That doesn't eyes and I. Bad here that ain't is there there as pretty does a lot of. Thank you for holing eighty I Jeffs on the phone Jeff what do you coming down. Delegate but there's really how many days. If you earned point eight at this proposed tour unveiled Wednesday. Oh miles wow that's a quick turn around. Opened it up and up and opened up an all out there like it Jeff what's the most important thing to your wedding for you. I don't mean. Like some 122 days the countdown begins. Nice yeah knowing you're getting close when like you go to the grocery store. And that expiration date and the milk is asked her wedding day that's good you know you get close game you know good for now. The creepy part was. Why did all the yesterday at all camp in the manner of what he meant by got to work at three I got all ultimately Coleman had to pick up the the talk but the ball with well you marry me on it. Decorated dinner and then while we're at dodger after dinner what are the the chocolate in all are able to order dinner and people over. Unlike us their ring included. Now look at auto old so if it's just very efficient he has got pride does a lot of lists. It would give people around you know what was going on did you did you make a spectacle but it did keep lucky. Well the only person knew about it aren't the waitress when I got their this year there was an art I shorter and she bowed. Google yeah I'm gonna keep you know aren't what we were finally did it say anything. Ovens so cute and that was before the chicken farm. Are okay. It and doing it by mail or call loud while there's always take a quick call congratulations Jack. You are kiss ninety point five what do you coming down to him. I'm Bonnie we. Pregnant I'm down and I. Oh wow so you're getting close you're getting close tight yeah. Okay. Heartburn lately is. I do you know you're probably girls. No we don't know that I am so ginger reveal party for you. Yeah now. We are excited just to have everybody. Is out there as an actual birthday and a solid right. So have you is your first. Do you buy anything in terms of like baby clothes that you don't know if it's a boy or girl. Anything yet but at empire ever get it can't help but they were I Korean YE a very late. There are. There in the eyes good luck with the very. Listen I just wanna tell you it doesn't hurt one bit piece. Good luck nuclear kiss ninety point five will be coming down to. Leave my camp and they're going organic entity and is. You need so hopefully we'll come hey how well. We're counting down while letting it get 40877. Days. 477. Days ways so it it's next march. Oh you're in. June 90 that's such a big deal and you get to go to Florida and hopefully meet the knees and all that. I'll those are good things to count down to good luck with that they aren't kiss ninety point five. Morning. Hey why today they. And and our cost some what do you coming down do. I don't what I am I'm in my apnea. You do it. But. What you do for work. We are. You guys switch favored instrument. I'm all that might it. The same thing. And they aren't similar dynamic credit to air. I thought it. In order that it works for each people. Knowing that. Got her act it then export it. You know I don't know if you've seen it yet but the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue came out and there's plenty of bathing suits to choose from. There. Isn't one of the elements cannot do the McGovern site yesterday how much could be a bikini that's just the bottom. Yeah yeah I would build upon. Miami's a good luck and I think that. You can do what I need to soon. Is Jack hi Jen what he coming down to you. I am a lot of regular. I can barely talk about. Well my prior also going to Miami iMac and apple made birthday. And we're going to occur. All of us not you. The act you wouldn't ask let's pray I qualified. Here at these guys are doing that they get at the end. They went app I'd make an art. I'm so excited to go look. It's. Under the needy people and that's nothing might at. Yeah he's your best. I can't wait for you to send us pictures of what he looks like on the scorers like. How does pit crews you know like I can only imagine him in pants white pants. Yeah. It fits him just right now just so tight match as its Charlotte Georgia and for sure. Oh my gosh it's gonna be amazing have fun.