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Interview: John Bon Jovi's family talks Pasta Sauce

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07/17/2013 8:26AM
Interview: John Bon Jovi's family talks Pasta Sauce
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07/17/2013 9:59AM
Pasta Sauce
Good for them. I love sauce with a kick. -Caren
07/18/2013 8:42AM
bongiovi sauce
want to know when the bongiovi pasta sauce is coming to australia
07/18/2013 8:54AM
bongiovi sauce
When's it coming to the UK?? :)
07/18/2013 9:26AM
I want to come to a "King Sooper" or even better "Walmart"! We need it in Colorado!!!
07/18/2013 9:36AM
Best sauce ever
I give testimony that it is truly the best pasta I have ever tasted, better than homemade! I love to mix Garden with Arrabbiatia together for an explosion of flavor in your mouth! Great interview, enjoyed listening to this! I've loved BJ for 30 years, so now another reason to love Jon's family! ;)
07/18/2013 10:36AM
BonGiovi Sauce
It is amazing how much Anthony's voice sounds like Jon! I'm so excited to try the sauce and make a donation to the Soul Kitchen! Congratulations! Yes, they used to sell the Bon Jovi wine on the backstage website.
07/18/2013 11:59AM
It's Jon Bon Jovi....
07/18/2013 12:44PM
Bongiovi Sauce
I am on my 3rd case! Just adore the stuff!!! Holy cow,Tony sounds just like Jon!!!!
07/18/2013 12:48PM
Jon Bon Jovi
ummm...you spelled Jon's name wrong,Janet and Nick! LOL
07/18/2013 12:52PM
wrong JON guys
for the people saying "Its Jon" and you spelled his name wrong - It's John, Jon's dad! They spelled it correctly !!
07/18/2013 1:11PM
Of course they use California tomatoes, we grow the best.
07/18/2013 4:53PM
If I Was Your Mother
Here's a link to the video to the song Anthony mentioned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY5-gPbJQo0
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