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At Kiss 98.5, we care about our world and our environment. To help you make your home, workplace, and life greener, we present our 1Thing Blog. Check back for environmentally-conscious news and tips to make our world a better place!

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Chuckwalla Bench Dec. 6 Four-Wheel Drive Tour Will Explore Wildlife, History, Geology. Mojave Desert Land Trust Co-hosts Free Trip to See Lands That Need Protection
Annette Kondo

Chuckwalla Bench is located about an hour east of Indio and is rich in stagecoach history, diverse wildlife and lush desert trees and plants.

New U.S. Ozone Rules Likely to Be Felt Nationwide

New EPA ozone rules could prompt greater efforts to clean the nation's air....

Naomi Klein on How Canada's First Nations Can Take on the Oil Industry and Win

Indigenous peoples may be key to combating climate change, author says....

5 things we're thankful for in 2014

This Thanksgiving and holiday season there are so many things for wilderness lovers to be thankful for - in addition to the 758 designated wilderness areas covering nearly 110 million acres of American wild lands. Here's a few at the top of our list:

8 Thanksgiving-flavored wild spots

Thanksgiving is an ideal time to express gratitude for the good fortune in our lives as well as to stop and appreciate the incredible legacy of our wild public lands.


Study: polar bears declined 40 percent in past decade

A study published last week in Ecological Applications has shown that polar bear populations in the southern Beaufort Sea region have declined by 40 percent.


In Climate Talks, Spotlight Turns to India

India's new leader talks about protecting nature, but what will he do about global warming?...

Veterans: Congress must fund vital conservation program

Retired generals, veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and U.S.


New Mapping Project Details the Importance of Wilderness for Migrating Elk, Moose and Other Wildlife
Michael Reinemer

Designated wilderness areas provide important habitat for five migratory big-game species, according to a first-of-its-kind mapping project involving wildlife researchers at the University of Wyoming and cartographers at the University of Oregon.


A new settlement could protect some of Colorado’s most biologically rich public lands

A recent legal agreement should settle a long battle over whether or not to allow drilling on the highest lands of the plateau.



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