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From Our Playlist to Your Party!

From the Kiss playlist to your Halloween party! Dress to impress as some of your favorite music acts.

Hit up the thrift shop and find some oversized classics to master Macklemore’s second-hand look. Include a few pieces with fur lining and a gold chain, and you’re ready to walk up in the club like “whutup?”

Miley Cyrus had everyone talking after this look, and will probably have everyone breaking out the foam finger to replicate this VMA show-stopper. Add some red lips, tight hair buns and a nude-colored body suit (possibly with more coverage to keep it PG) and you too can shed your inner Hannah Montana.

Lady Gaga has had more iconic looks than we can count, but this year it’s all about her ARTPOP mermaid get-up. Borrow the shells from your old Little Mermaid costume, find the biggest wig you can, and “live for the applause.”

If you have the facial expressions to back it up (among other things), lay on the make-up and bright color to embrace your inner Nicki Minaj. Pick a wig of your choosing (really, any color will work), a dash of leopard print and a few temporary tattoos to get your “Barbie” on.

If her Instagram page is any indication, Ke$ha has really been into flowers, cats, and eyeballs lately. Combine the three and some outrageous bling to rock this look from her latest music video, “Crazy Kids.”

It finally happened; the reunion we all were waiting for finally took place when the other four members of N’SYNC joined Justin Timberlake on stage at the VMAs last month. In honor of this historic event, get a group together to rock fedoras, frosted tips, goatees and other 90s wardrobe staples.

Whether you want to go for an old-school slicked back hair style or a mini fro, dress in a simple red suit with a black shirt and gold chain to channel your inner Bruno Mars. Bonus points if you can master the “Treasure” dance to go with it.

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